Irreplaceable magnesium

What foods contain magnesium?

Magnesium is one of the essential trace elements that the body is not able to produce on its own. This is why it is important to follow a balanced diet with sufficient magnesium.

We get most of our magnesium needs from wholemeal breads, dairy products, fruits and drinks. Only one third of the magnesium in our diet is absorbed, while most of it is excreted in the urine and sweat. Therefore, it is recommended that we consume three times the amount of magnesium needed daily.
The table below shows the magnesium content of foods

The record holder for magnesium content is brown algae. There is also a lot of magnesium in greens and green vegetables, as well as legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds.

Note, there are groups of foods that can negatively affect your body’s magnesium supply. Alcohol, coffee, and tea in significant quantities increase the excretion of magnesium from the body.

Food Mg/100 g Food Mg/100 g
Brown algae, mostly kelp 760 Avocado 45
Wheat bran 490 Cheddar cheese 45
Sprouted wheat 336 Parsley 41
Almonds 270 Sunflower seeds 38
Cashew Nuts 267 Barley 37
Brewer’s yeast 231 Garlic 36
Buckwheat 229 Raisins 35
Brazil nuts 225 Green peas fresh 35
Dark red edible algae 220 Potatoes with peelings 34
Hazelnuts 184 Crab 34
Peanuts 175 Bananas 33
Millet 162 Blackcurrant 30
Wheat Grain 160 Beets 25
Pecans 142 Broccoli sprouts 24
Rye 115 Cauliflower 24
Coconut 90 Carrots 23
Processed soybeans 88 Celery 22
Unpeeled rice 88 Beef 21
Figs dried 71 Asparagus 20
Dried apricots 62 Meat of chicken 19
Dates 58 Green peppers 18
Shrimps 51 Tomatoes 14
Sweet corn 48 Milk 13