Is it possible to build a career without higher education?

A salesman with a degree in philology, a hotel receptionist with a degree in economics. Sound familiar? According to various data, about 50% of people today work outside of their field of study.

“School-higher education-work” is not the only way to success. So, 30 years ago, higher education was, without exaggeration, the ticket to a “happy and bright future. And today, more and more people do not see the point of spending 4-5 years to get a degree. And this is not surprising: the training does not give practical skills, and the theory is quickly forgotten. After all, even the highest grades at university do not guarantee that you will be a good specialist.

Successful and rich, but…without a diploma

Of course, we don’t deny the benefits of higher education, nor do we discourage people from going to college. We simply believe that there is always an alternative. And the common assertion that only a college education opens up many new opportunities is simply a stereotype. You can achieve success without a diploma. The main thing – the desire to develop and work.

A striking example is Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Inc. He never received a higher education. So, in his youth, he made several attempts, but he was not able to complete his studies due to lack of funds. At age 20, along with a friend, Steve Wozniak, organized his own company Apple, which later became a huge corporation with a capital of over 800 billion dollars. The lack of a degree did not affect the career of Steve Jobs.

The American entrepreneur Henry Ford was educated in a church school, and all his life he wrote with mistakes. But that did not prevent him from creating the Ford Motor Company and patenting 161 inventions. In today’s terms, his fortune was estimated at $199 billion.

Where to start

It is possible to find a job without a degree. And very often even more interesting than in the office. So, today there are many professions that require only certificates. But without talent, desire to work and persistence simply cannot do without. After all, it’s never too late to get a degree. By the way, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg went to Harvard in 2002. But he dropped out in his second year. And he didn’t get his degree until 12 years later!

✅ Beauty and fitness

Hairdresser, makeup artist, massage therapist, manicurist, fitness trainer – these professions are quite popular today. Courses, master classes and constant practice – there is no other way to success. And masters with experience earn quite well.


Do you like travel and constant motion? The tourism field is for you. Today, there are many travel companies where you can get a job as a guide, even without higher education. In addition, you can visit new cities and meet interesting people.

✅ IT field

A talented designer or web developer will always find a job. Even if you don’t have a degree. Employers pay attention first of all to the portfolio and skilset, evaluating the skills of the potential candidate.

✅ Sales

Do you like communication with people, you are able to negotiate and convince the interlocutor? Then you should try your hand at sales. After all, a good command of language, knowledge of the psychology of the buyer and the ability to communicate in this area are much more important than documents on education. Starting with a small firm is quite realistic to grow to large companies.

Real estate

You can only master the real estate skill by practice, so often higher education is not required here. And earnings depend on the segment: for example, sellers of luxury real estate earn many times more than office staff.

✅ The service sector

The hotel and restaurant business is growing rapidly – it is very easy to find a vacancy for an administrator and a waiter. And if an employee performs well, he or she can become a manager.

✅ Art

Dancing, singing, drawing – any hobby can be profitable. The main thing is to find people who will appreciate your talent.

✅ Support and consulting

To become a call center operator and answer clients’ calls, you don’t need 5 years of college. And if an employee performs well, he or she can count on a more promising position.

✅ Insurance

Even a student or yesterday’s teacher can become an insurance agent – the profession does not matter. If you enjoy working with people, you have a chance of getting a promotion and even becoming head of a department.

Production occupations

Cooks, repairmen, seamstresses – there are also prospects and career growth here. The main thing is to love your job and do it perfectly.

✅ HR

To work with personnel, it is not always necessary to have a specialized education. There are many cases when people who have worked in other positions come to HR. Becoming a hiring manager is not as difficult as it seems.

✅ Freelancing

Writing texts, translations, administering social networks, developing websites and programs – your portfolio, not your university degree, plays an important role for the client. Meeting deadlines, high quality work, and responsibility are the main requirements for freelancers.

✅ Owning your own business

Think about what you love to do that you do best. And to implement the idea, you need start-up capital. Believe in yourself, do your best, and you will succeed. It’s hard to start, but it’s worth it!

How to find a good job without higher education

Own base of contacts. Do not have a hundred rubles, but have a hundred friends, says a well-known saying. The same applies to dating. The easiest way to make them is to attend industry events. You can also write to the organizers with an offer to help. It’s also a great opportunity to improve your communication skills.

Work. Experience shows that a few months of work as a courier or a salesman in a supermarket gives more than a year of study at university. You will learn how to manage your own budget, behave at interviews, communicate with different clients. But most importantly, you will understand how systems work. Agree, this is invaluable experience.

Money is not the main thing. If you dream of getting into a prestigious company, contact the manager and offer your services for free. You may only be trusted with small things at first, but if you prove yourself well, it’s realistic to become part of the team.

Courses. There are hundreds of useful online courses online today to help you learn something new. Choose what you like best!

Learn a foreign language. Nowadays you can’t go anywhere without it. You can enroll in courses, you can learn it yourself. In addition, language skills are an additional plus in your resume.

Time to develop. Ask yourself what you really want and what you are doing for this. If you have a goal, you are sure to find the “way to the heart” of the employer even without a diploma. Make your priority your development, not your income. Avoid workaholism, it’s not as effective as you think.

Read. Motivational literature, books for self-development – devote at least half an hour a day to reading.

Participate in public life. This is a way to get useful connections, learn something new and benefit society at the same time. There are many options.

Travel. Traveling not only helps to take your mind off the daily grind, but also to broaden your horizons. Every trip is an experience and a new experience. You do not need a lot of money, the main thing is the desire. It’s not for nothing they say that three things make a person happy: love, interesting work and the opportunity to travel!