Is the shellfish a sex assistant What are the benefits of mussels for men

Mussels are representatives of mollusks, and they are not only delicious, as it turns out. These water inhabitants can become an excellent “assistant” to a man in sex. The whole secret lies in their composition – it is a real treasure trove of trace elements and vitamins.

Mussels are very popular among the inhabitants of the sea coast. Even the most expensive restaurants necessarily have them on their menus. However, it should be remembered that only those mussels that have been produced in specialized conditions are valuable and useful. River mussels are very dangerous for humans.

Valuable composition of mussels

Men prefer mussels for many reasons, but primarily because of their composition. They contain:

phosphorus and selenium;

iodine compounds;


folic acid;

zinc and iron;

a group of B vitamins.

The latter improve and stimulate the activity of the muscular and nervous systems. If this group of vitamins gets into the male body in sufficient quantities, the flow of nerve impulses becomes normal, neural connections are restored, muscle tissue becomes elastic and smooth. If these processes are disrupted, the body develops all kinds of pathologies.

Zinc also plays a major role in the male body. Thanks to its presence is produced testosterone. It is necessary for the proper functioning of the sexual system of the stronger sex. If a man’s hormonal system is working properly, it improves erectile function, spermatogenesis comes to normal.

Folic acid is responsible for metabolism in tissues. It is under its influence that normalizes the nutrition of the cells. It has a positive effect on the genetic characteristics. If the man before conception received a lot of folic acid, it significantly reduces the risk of the future child’s genetic abnormalities.

Iodine compounds are present in the composition of all marine residents without exception. Clams contain as much iodine as seaweed. This chemical element improves the endocrine system activity. Iodine is extremely useful for men who live in regions where goiter is endemic disease. If every day to eat mussels, then restores the production of hormones, reducing the risk of goiter.

Phosphorus and selenium are required to maintain a normal immune system. In addition, they are responsible for the formation of a strong, good memory.

Mussels and sex life

There is not a man in the world who does not worry about his sexual health. As soon as even the slightest abnormality appears, panic sets in. To prevent the occurrence of such situations, experts recommend to do regular prophylaxis.

If a man will include mussels in his diet, he will contribute to the improvement of several systems in the body.

Mussels are extremely useful for:

strengthening the sexual activity of a man;

improve the quality of sperm;

normalize blood flow in the inguinal vein;

the erectile capacity of the man.

If we talk about erectile ability, it directly depends on the coordinated work of several systems at once. For an erection to be quality, lasting, you need a good nervous system, an excellent hormonal background and a normal blood supply. When a failure is detected in one of the systems, male sexual weakness appears.

Mussels can have a positive effect on the activity and nutrition of the inguinal vein. This, in turn, is the transit for blood delivery to the cavernous body of the man’s phallus. The cavernous body (corpus cavernosum) is responsible for filling the phallus. As soon as the blood supply is disrupted, the erection immediately becomes worse. Molluscs intensely nourish the vascular system of the body, normalize the elasticity and smoothness of the walls.

Mussels are also “responsible” for the formation of sperm in the male body. In conception take part spermatozoa only the correct structure, which have rectilinear motion. In mussels contain components that enhance the activity of paired male glands. The testicles are responsible for healthy sperm. Scientists have already proven that the sex cells of a man who often eats mussels are of higher quality.

The secretion of seminal fluid is also improved through the consumption of shellfish. They have a positive effect on the activity of the prostate gland. The same, in turn, is responsible for the production of testosterone (in part) and the formation of secretion. Daily intake of mussels in the food normalizes the work of the prostate gland. Such a man is less prone to prostatitis.

Do not forget that from ancient times mussels have been considered an aphrodisiac of natural origin. They contain a component that is a natural analogue of androgen – it is responsible for an erection. Frequent consumption of mussels allows a man to get aroused faster, and the intercourse lasts longer.

Mussels and the cure for diseases

For the male body to be healthy, it is necessary to include mussels in the diet. They help to reduce the risk of pathologies. Specialists recommend mussels for:


goiter of the first degree;


prostate pathology, prostate inflammation;

decreased immune protection;

gastrointestinal disorders;

diseases of the cardiovascular system;

hormonal problems;

sexual disorders.

Mussels improve and normalize the activity of the urogenital system and relieve a man from sexual disorders. Sexual activity increases significantly, spermogram indicators improve. As already written above – before conception a man just needs to eat mussels. The risk of genetic diseases of the fetus decreases.

Hormonal background is restored due to the presence of zinc in mussels. Testosterone is produced intensively, the hormonal system is balanced. Mussels are indicated for those who are in puberty (adolescence).

Age-related changes entail the development of cardiovascular pathologies. Mussels contribute to many beneficial processes in the male body:

enhance the performance of blood red cells;

strengthen the venous walls;

improve the vascular system.

When clams are regularly consumed, blood pressure is normalized, and peripheral blood circulation is significantly improved. In addition, the risk of hypertension and vegetovascular dystonia is reduced.

The symptomatology of grade 1 goiter is reduced by the consumption of mussels. At this stage, at the expense of mollusks, it is possible to reduce the intake of medications.

Mussels also play a significant role in shedding excess weight. They are a pure protein that is low in calories. Accordingly, you can eat them more without the risk of gaining pounds. Nutritionists recommend eating mussels in combination with porridge and vegetables.

Before serving the mussels it is necessary to treat them carefully and rinse. If you caught river mussels, they should be kept in a clean aquarium water for at least a month, and only then cook and eat.