It always lands on four wheels: scientists have created a robot cat for rescue services

Military and rescue services are increasingly using robots. As it turned out, the easiest way to reset such a mechanism in the epicenter of events from the air. For a long time, engineers have been puzzled over how to make the device land safely. It seems that a working solution has already been found.

Delivering robots to remote areas by air takes much less time than ground transportation. In addition, there are situations when it is simply not possible to get to the right place in the usual way, according to Slashgear.

Solution to the problem of transportation

Previously, the services had to face equipment failure due to problems due to landing. A robot called AGRO, developed by engineers at the US Military Academy in West Point, solves the problem of safe landing once and for all.

Each robot wheel moves independently thanks to its own electric motors. This allows you to increase the maneuverability and mobility of the device. During the reset, the inertial unit locks the fall, triggering a special mechanism that allows each wheel to rotate at different angles and speeds. This creates torque, which eventually leads to landing on all four wheels, just as cats always land on their paws.
The AGRO robot always lands on four wheels, video:

The movable design allows AGRO to absorb the force of impact, and the robot immediately after landing begins to work. The team of engineers does not plan to stop there, intending to make the mechanism even more perfect in the future.