Italian psychologist explains how memes help survive in isolation

Specialists from Italy claim the danger of depression during self-isolation.

Quarantine is a time of memes, i.e. jokes about coronavirus, removals and epidemics, and everything connected with them.

Yeah, most people aren’t laughing right now. Meanwhile, psychologists notice that the number of Internet memes has increased, that is, funny pictures, jokes and jokes. In their opinion, this is how society reacts to stress.

And there’s nothing wrong with that, says Italian psychologist Sarah Reginella in an interview Aboutmans.

As the specialist said, humor is a great defense mechanism. It helps to overcome stress, not to fall into depression and to stand up in this difficult time.

Now the work of psychologists in the same Italy, and throughout Europe, is in great demand. They help to correct mental disorders that are caused by isolation from society.

Bad news, anxiety for loved ones, economic crisis and fear of getting sick – all this leads to the fact that a person becomes irritable, aggressive, the percentage of domestic violence increases, there is post-traumatic stress disorder. In especially complicated cases it is necessary to immediately apply to the specialist, even if remotely.

But it is better not to bring it to that. Humor helps to relax and forget about stress for a while. So laugh and joke: it will increase your chances of getting out of the situation with the coronavirus winner.