Italian style spring look

Spring is a great occasion to remember the light and cheerful colors, as well as bright intricate patterns and light fabrics. We offer you some ideas to create an elegant spring look in the spirit of modern Italian classics.

Italian masculine style

Let’s start with the jacket. Anyway, it can be very cool in spring in Russia, and besides, it rains periodically. However, on sunny days you can decorate your jacket… …with a breastplate!

Yes, yes, it is not by chance that Gents’ Stuff by Harridge jackets have the appropriate pocket. And besides, they also have cuffs with working buttons – here it is, the invasion of the classics in an absolutely informal (it would seem!) thing. If you think that such jackets look a little lightweight, we recommend you pay attention to the strict classic coats. Blue and grey models are everywhere, but what would you say about green ones? Whatever your verdict, you’ll find both in Gents’ Stuff.

The Gents’ Stuff by Harridge men’s jacket…

Of course, the weather is getting warmer and warmer in spring and many men want to throw their gloves somewhere far away in the closet as soon as possible. However, we wouldn’t forget that gloves are a very classic men’s accessory, which a century ago was considered an obligatory element of any image. For spring, we recommend unlined gloves; baker’s leather models look particularly chic – and the same gloves are also the most comfortable and durable.

Men’s gloves without lining

Continuing the theme of accessories, let’s mention the belts. If you do not need to follow a strict dress code, try the wicker straps made of bright but classic wool colors: green, brown and blue. They look informal, but interesting and original. Brass buckles and soft calf suede inserts give these belts a noble look.

Anderson’s belt

Let’s move on to ties. Knitted models are appropriate not only in winter, but also in spring. Of course it is better to choose light or bright variants: for example, a bright blue tie with a white horizontal stripe or white with a discreet Scandinavian blue tie pattern. Classic silk and cashmere ties in not too dark colours are also a good choice for spring. They can be worn either when going to a restaurant or theatre, or at work – in the office or elsewhere.

Last in our list, but not the last accessory – a breast pocket handkerchief. We have already talked about the fact that it can be worn even with a jacket, although, of course, its usual place – the jacket pocket. In spring, handkerchiefs with bright and ironic prints are good, but the material does not play a special role: it can be wool, silk or linen. The main thing is that it is not the same fabric from which the tie is sewn together with the handkerchief.