It’s easy to be happy

Is it easy to be happy in such a difficult time when the world is subject to changes, cataclysms and problems? It depends for whom. Some are always waiting for happiness, others are in constant search, and others manage to be in any place and situation. It is easy to become happy if you know how to do it. All our life we are in the pursuit of happiness, which all the time slips out of our hands. We are happy only for a short time, but then again we have difficulties and troubles. We want to be happy, but we rarely smile and a significant part of life is in a depressed state. What is happiness? Why is the modern generation so unhappy and refuses to enjoy life?

Hollywood and television have set how high the framework for happiness is, which has become difficult to perform even a minimum program, let alone a maximum. In cinema, people have a complete set, from love to a villa by the sea. But living in our country, it is difficult to count on a picture from American Hollywood. In life, we set ourselves the tasks that we want to achieve. We dream of professional realization, and for this we finish school, go to university, triple work and work on a career. In personal life we want the other half, love, family, children, grandchildren. From a material point of view, we set ourselves the maximum level of income to have a large apartment, an expensive car, a villa by the sea and a lot of money. Above all we want travel, pleasure, entertainment, friends, health, love. All of this is very difficult to achieve.

We are used to tying happiness to physical benefits, amount of money and implementation of plans. We take happiness as some goals and dreams to come true. If we lack something, but feel dissatisfaction, sadness, discomfort, irritation, sadness, depression. You can give a person an apartment, a summer house, a car, a family, children, love, but to hear that he is still unhappy. There is nothing that he wants. Ancient Roman philosopher Lucius Anna Seneca wrote in his book: “Whatever difference a man has, he sees first of all what he does not have, and this can always be a reason for sadness. We worry and are unhappy because we do not have something definite. We always lack something. Is it better to cry in a Mercedes than on a bike? This Chinese proverb is true, but only partially. What is the point in an expensive car if you are still unhappy and crying? True happiness cannot be expensive. If you have to pay a high price for it, it is a self-deception. The poor person is not the one who has little, but who always wants to have more than others. Remember your ancestors, who lived in much worse conditions, but were happier. Do you have a job, a family and well-being? So everything is great. People can be happy in different conditions, even without having a picture from Hollywood.

How to be happy? Each of us is as unhappy as we think we are. We choose our own goals and plans every day, which are not always achievable. We set ourselves a dream that will make us unhappy. We guess what we cannot achieve. Remember the famous phrase of Fainaena Ranevskaya: “Everything will come true, it’s only worth the expense”. Maybe you should choose your dreams and goals more carefully? It is easy to be happy. The main thing is not to take on something that is unattainable and unrealistic. Dreams should be so that then it was not sad because of his wild fantasy. Do you have a girlfriend who is not a model or Miss Universe? But who cares if she loves you and makes you happy? Do you worry about glamorous and tuned beauties in the installation and drool on them? But to forget that not everything beautiful on the outside is equally beautiful on the inside. You love and you are loved. That will be all. There is no place for others in your inner world. Enjoy the happiness of love, intimacy, warmth and tenderness.

You do not have a cool sports car, but a regular car? You can worry about it and be unhappy, but the point? You do not have a huge apartment and a villa by the sea. But what is the point in dreaming about what is extremely difficult? It is easy to be happy. You can ride in a regular car, live in a small apartment, buy a small house in Krasnodar region or in Crimea. Why should you set yourself a goal, because of which you will never be happy later? Happy is the one who has enough. What prevents you from happiness? Usually it is that we dream about a crane in the sky, which will never be caught. You can always find a better job than you have now. But there are always certain limits and income thresholds. You can always find the other half, if you approach it thoroughly and wisely. It is always possible to find friends and your circle of communication. You can always travel, relax and enjoy life. You can always build your own small world, in which you have enough and enough. And when everything is enough, then you become happy.

How easy is it to be happy? You should not be spoiled by what prevents perfectionists from living. What prevents you from being happy to the fullest? Bad weather, breakdown at work, spilled coffee, household problems, conflict in transportation and other life problems. It is easy to be happy if you want to be happy. Why worry and pay attention to something that will not matter in a month, and even more so in years? It is easy to learn to be happy. Here are a couple of useful tips for a happy life. Love yourself for real. Do not let your mood be spoiled by household things, various little things and strangers. Improve your energy and health in a healthy way of life. Do not worry about the fact that does not depend on you. Wake up and rest so as not to feel overwhelmed. Treat life in a more positive and optimistic way. Do not seek the approval of others. Do not expect that the world and people will meet your expectations. Get rid of your luggage of negative memories. Communicate regularly with your relatives, family, friends and those who are dear. Engage in sports to feel the strength and confidence. Get rid of anger, resentment, envy and other negative habits. Stop dreaming about the ideal world. Do not try to control everything in the world. Enjoy every positive moment in life. Smile more often, laugh and have carefree fun.

Happy is the one who does not need a perfect life, an unattainable goal and happiness itself. Such a person simply enjoys life and what it gave him. It is easy and simple to become happy. Once you only want to be happy.