It’s not enough to be good

Just being a good person, studying well, working well, or trying to be good is not enough. If you set yourself a frame of “good,” you will remain mediocre at everything from work to your personal life. It’s not enough to be good in this practical and cruel world, so don’t think. The world and the people around you don’t care deeply about being a good person. If life isn’t working out well, it may be that you’re not trying hard enough. Do you think you’re generally not a bad and nice guy? But this world doesn’t want gray, ordinary, mediocre and good people who have nothing to offer in return. It’s not enough to be a nice nice nice guy, whatever you think.

Take off the rose-colored glasses of naivete and take a mature look at this world. You won’t have employers, girlfriends, friends fighting over you. No one will care about you if you’re just a good person. No one wants you to be gray, no matter what you think you are. The world will well revolve around you, and everyone will be indifferent to you. Someone will be driving a cool sports car, and someone will be on a bicycle, skateboard, or bus. That’s the difference between good and great.

A good person is not a profession Americans have a great saying: “Good is the dumb cousin of mediocrity. Every time you try to be just good, do well, and set the frame of “good,” you are left among the losers. No one wants mediocre people like that. The world needs the great and the best, not the ordinary. It’s time to remember that no one in this world needs just a “good person.” In the former Soviet Union, there is a similarly famous phrase: “A good man is not a profession. It was paraphrased from a feuilleton by Ilf and Petrov, published in the newspaper Pravda in 1934, though it sounded a little differently there (“Love for the Soviet government – is not a profession”). There is no such vacancy in any company “good man”. There is no such desire for people to be friends or for girls to date a “good man.” The world is cruel and harsh, and it doesn’t really need good people. You will be judged by the world according to very different rules. What can you give it? What are you really valuable and different? What can you do, what do you know, and how professional are you? If you’re just mediocre and a good person, who needs you?

How can you be better than just a good person? Think about the fact that it’s not enough to be good at life to succeed at it. You have to be better and more than good. You have to be brighter, stronger, smarter, more professional. You can lock yourself away in your inner world and resent the world, but it doesn’t care. If all you have to offer is mediocrity, why should he care? Get a poor and miserable life, and you’re not worthy of more.

1.Fight to be the best No one gets anything for nothing, and the exceptions only confirm the rules. If you want to make a difference, you have to stop settling for the “good” level. You always have to fight for a place of “best” under the sun, not settle for “good.” If you settle for being ordinary, you will get even less than you bargained for and what you want.

2. Improve and keep your work ethic Always stay on the lookout for your best self. Read books, get an education, complete courses, gain experience, educate yourself. Always look for ways to be better than you were yesterday. If you’re just going to be a good guy, employers, friends, or girls don’t want you. They are looking for the best who are smart, professional, athletic and well-rounded. The world needs professionals, not amateurs and simpletons.

3. Don’t complain and feel sorry for yourself Many people say they are so good and have had so many trials in life. But nobody cares. Everyone has their own difficulties and problems, and no one cares about your snot. You can whine and talk about how you’re so good, but who has that helped? Nobody. If you can’t give the world something in return, nobody needs you. Stop feeling sorry for yourself when you should be looking for ways to be better.

4. The world is a cruel place Do you think there are good things in the world for good people and help from above? It’s not like that. Even the Bible says in Matthew’s Gospel, “Already the axe is at the ready at the trunk of the trees: the tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.” If you can give nothing in return to the world as a tree of good fruit, you will be cut down and thrown into the fire. It is not enough to be good in this cruel world. So give up your illusions and naivety. It is not enough to be good…