It’s okay to be crazy in a sick society

In today’s world it is far from normal to be normal. Society is rotten, sick, selfish, corrupt and immoral. Why adapt to what is unhealthy and disgusting? It is normal to be crazy in a sick society. We all grew up in this society and it is difficult to understand where the disease begins and what is really quite wrong. What does normal life mean in terms of modern society? Society, starting from the school bench, brainwashes us, inculcates stereotypes and makes us do things that we don’t want to do ourselves. This is done by television, the Internet and modern idols who make us sick. It’s normal to be crazy in a sick society – you have to learn well to get a normal job. There you have to compete with others and elbow them to succeed. Work from morning to night on a hated job.

You have to care for and achieve the most beautiful female you can find. You will be forced to create a family unit and get married quickly. Let’s make as many children as possible.

Buy more. Advertising forces us to buy unnecessary things, to satisfy the thirst for consumption. Work more to buy more unnecessary things that you do not even use.

Walk in clubs, shrivel money, enjoy bad habits, sleep with as many females as possible, sit in social networks 24 hours a day, make 100500 selfies, kill yourself with alcohol, fast food and other slag.

The government is floating our brains, wars are going on, states are bombing other countries for the sake of democracy, corruption and criminality are flourishing around us.

Real human relations are less and less, and the principle of deceiving one’s neighbor became the main one. Man to man is a wolf. Be selfish and an asshole.

Steel relations are short-lived and cynical. Love has turned into a business deal where they buy and sell. Everyone cheats on each other and pretend to be so normal. Love has almost disappeared, and the debauchery of all the gaps. Girls sell, sell the body, and the word honor and morality have disappeared from everyday life.

Be crazy, be brave, be different. Do not let others tell you what you should and must do. Spit out the traditions and prejudices. Be crazy and do what you want to do. Do not waste your life. As the main character of the movie “The Spirit” said: “I do not call you into my world. Stay in yours. Only it is not necessary to drag me there”.