It’s time to act

In the beginning you were young, naive, stupid and hesitant. Then you became busy, spinning like a squirrel in a wheel, getting things and chasing material goods. Then you felt like you were getting old. And it could be any age from 20 years and older. But you felt the taste of old age, missed opportunities, deceived hopes and devoted dreams. Didn’t you ever think it was time to act? Change requires our hearts, change requires our eyes. If it weren’t for the fatal confluence of circumstances that life is going more or less smoothly, you would have started acting a long time ago. But mini successes and mini victories put to sleep the desire to change something. It’s kind of tolerable, but okay. And that’s fine. If you had to start from the ground up, you wouldn’t be afraid of anything. And now I’m scared?

When was the last time you weren’t ashamed, in your life? For that job or position where you are now? For those small goals and medium plans that come true a little bit? When you’ve been doing something you’ve been dreaming about, not what you should? But it wasn’t just another walk, new phone or another useless thing? When was proud of his achievements and victories, and not satisfied with a pathetic bruise in his hands, looking up at the sky on a crane? When did you communicate with really interesting people who had something important and impressive in mind? Or did you discuss gossip, talk about women, wash the bones of others, talk about news or politics? Or maybe they indulged in sad and meaningless communication about nothing? When did you communicate with interesting and comprehensively developed cosmopolitans, thinking about something other than household? When you did something for yourself, not to impress, not to cause criticism or to please someone? Why have social media become a vanity fair where everyone tries to present themselves in a better light? I am happy, successful, promising. Build yourself as the future Mark Zuckerberg or Selebretti Kim Kardashian? Who are you kidding? Others or yourself? But it’s nice and safe to deceive yourself. Maybe it’s time to act instead of pretending to be okay.

Think you’re a playboy? To take off greedy girls in a cool car, to deceive naive good girls, to drive up to chicks with low social responsibility and spend time in clubs to test another chick in bed? Spend the best years trying to sleep with everyone, but in the morning hope that the girl will get off as soon as possible? Where are the really interesting, lively, funny, real and direct girls? Or are you satisfied with what’s at hand again? Tired of the soul that rushed to work, business, everyday life, alcohol and dullness to somehow get away from reality? But even this does not help when there are moments of awareness of the worthlessness of today’s existence. At that moment you feel all the sadness of your life and fading away. All the time you’re waiting for something, hoping, trying and twitching. But you’re more like a fish thrown ashore. All you have to do is rot in your body and soul. But you wanted to see the world, do so many important things and fulfill your dreams? And in the end, what? Do you want to rot on the shore or is it time to act? Do you recognize the false ideals in the box, you consider cheaters smart entrepreneurs, used to lie in the eyes, imitate a smile and completely mired in imposed prejudices? They put you in a stall and made you dance to someone else’s tune. Are you sure this is what you wanted when you were young or now? Why are your eyes so sad and miserable? Just to avoid crying?

Why do you pretend, mimicry for the surrounding society and try to blend in with the landscape? Be like everybody else. Do what everybody else does. Pull your strap. You’ve got a lot of responsibility. You have to. Stop showing off. Forget the great dreams. Dream of clothes, mercantile, small and insignificant. So gradually you become a snob, a cynic, an unbeliever, a traitor, a loser, a gray, stupid, clogged and unhappy. One of the crowds you used to hate and despise. You became an uncle or an aunt, without a certain age, purpose or dream. My eyes are out and my heart is beating as if it were going to stop soon. How often did you associate the amount of money with your happiness? How did you calculate your personal marginality? Working your whole life for money and chasing things? Or knowing how to just live and have fun? Those are different things. No matter how much money you collect, leave some of it for your own pleasure. But you have to do something different to do it, not the way it is now.

You could be hiding out at one of the interest clubs. Surrounded by a comfortable environment where you don’t feel so uncomfortable. Create your own little illusory world that will protect you from unnecessary worries and excitement. A world that will deceive for a while that everything is good and perfect. If everything is good, then why take off the anchor or do something else? But this world is illusory. It’s a card game. It will crumble at the first breeze of harsh reality. Stress, depression and burnout – is the result of the state of a man who does not do what he wants. Who doesn’t do what he likes. Who goes the wrong way, where the heart and soul call. Sooner or later you will feel that you are getting old and dying, regardless of age. It’s time to act. But any action is a cruel challenge to yourself.

Our hearts demand change, our eyes demand change, in our laughter and in our tears, and in the ripples of the veins of change! ” We wait for change Victor Tsoi. It’s hard to get the acceptance that you want more than this around you. It’s hard to stop kidding around, go for small goals and try to be like everybody else. It’s hard to find the courage to break away from comfort and try something new. But do you hear that sound? It takes your life away from you, and with it your dreams and happiness. You don’t have time to wait anymore, you know? You don’t have to wait. It’s time to act today…