Jeff Bezos explained why he reads emails sent to his public e-mail address

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has an email address that can be found in free access. Clients send letters with complaints and feedback to the entrepreneur’s e-mail. The address is the billionaire’s main e-mail. Bezos notes that he cannot read all the letters, but he pays special attention to the most interesting message, writes CNBC. Why is this important? Jeff Bezos sees every problem that the client talks about as an opportunity to improve something. Most of the letters are complaints about orders from Amazon, which the entrepreneur takes quite seriously.

Having received a truly substantiated complaint, Bezos instructs his team to conduct a case study, find the cause and do everything to eliminate the problem. When you solve a problem, you are not doing it for one client. You fix something for everyone at once, and this process is an important part of our big business. I try to treat customer failures or imperfect orders in this way, – writes the entrepreneur in his new book “Invent & Wander: The Collected Writings of Jeff Bezos”. Moreover, CNBC reporters said that they sent a letter to the billionaire at 10.20 am and received a response in 10 minutes.