Just be yourself

We all want to fulfill ourselves in life and be happy. But in order to do that, we should stop thinking and acting the way we did before. Do you want something more, but still feel happy? The answer may be closer than you think. It’s worth trying to just be yourself. Why do people often advise you to be yourself? You will never be happy being anything other than yourself. When a person becomes himself, he is transformed internally and externally. He behaves more naturally, comfortably, easily, liberated and harmoniously. When the graying changes, a balance between mental desires and real actions is immediately felt. We do not have to please everyone, we choose our own mood and do what we want. We become a completely different person. A better version of ourselves.

Be yourself People are afraid to be themselves because they may be misunderstood, judged by others, or rejected by society. They will become the black sheep that everyone else shuns. Is that something to be afraid of? I don’t think so. How do you be yourself? Just be. What happens if you start doing what you want to do the most? Some people will think you’re a little strange. They might judge you for it. That you’re different. It’s like you’re emphasizing their flaws or their gray sameness. Why don’t you try to be like everybody else? Why do you get up so early even on weekends? You don’t drink anymore? Why? Do you save money? Why be a cheapskate? Do you run in the morning? Do you want to be an athlete? Why? When you are real and authentic, you start scaring people. They don’t understand why you don’t try to please them, don’t beg for society’s love, and don’t pay attention to their criticism. You don’t reckon with patterns and you don’t play by other people’s rules.

Authenticity can be so rare that people are frightened and shunned at first. When you meet such a strong person who is not shy about being himself, many people are afraid. It is the authenticity of such people that underscores the fakeness and phoniness of most people. That they are not afraid to be themselves and not as gray as others. But such brave people are secretly envied and admired.

Just being themselves. How, exactly? It’s the hardest thing in life to find your true and authentic self. But this does not mean to behave in the same way everywhere. At work, we are serious, collected and professional. With friends we are direct, open and fun. With our other half we are gentle, kind and cordial. It is normal to change behavior within some adequate range.

1. Finding the Real Self

Often we hide some character traits, mannerisms, emotions, thoughts and desires from people. We are afraid to express what we want strongly in our hearts. The result is an imbalance that exacerbates the situation. What do you want? What are you hiding from others? Try to find the real you within yourself. What is your personality? What would you like to do and what wouldn’t you like to do? Reflect on your life. Find the values and dreams that interest you most. Who are you and where are you going?

2. Look for your strengths

Comparing yourself to others is always fruitless and leads to negative results. It’s better to look for your strengths, develop them and work on them. Do it constantly and continuously. The process of self-development is a lifelong road. You can’t be good at everything, but you have your trump cards in hand.

3. Surround yourself with like-minded people

Deciding to be yourself, you may face societal pressure. How do you counter that when you’re the black sheep among certain communities of people?

You can always find like-minded people, friends, and those with whom you’ll get along. Surround yourself with friends and buddies who have similar beliefs and views. The opinions of “your own” people are more important than some judgmental “strangers.”

4. Acknowledge your imperfection by showing your uniqueness

Acknowledge your unique character, flaws, imperfections and peculiarities. What do you have to hide? Acknowledge your imperfections and your differences. Be honest and open. No one is perfect, but everyone is unique. Don’t be ashamed to be yourself. Communicate with people, not hiding the real you, but revealing all the multifaceted sides of yourself. Don’t be afraid of not being perfect, but show your uniqueness. Cultivate your unique individuality without fear of anything.

5. Learn to communicate with people without changing

Don’t worry about how people around you perceive you. You can change and please one person, but then someone else won’t like you. You will try to please others, but then those who are psychologically and emotionally distant from you will like you. Establish relationships with those around you based only on your own opinions, not trying to fit in with others.

6. Follow your own style

Fashion is fickle, but everyone tends to follow it. As a result, everyone looks similar and monotonous. Clothing, style, behavior, appearance, hair and even face. It’s like a photocopier. Be yourself. Follow your own style and uniqueness. It’s better to stand out from the crowd than to be a monotonous mass.

7. Defend yourself and stand up for what you think

Someone is attacking you, harassing you, harassing you, judging you and criticizing you? Who gave other people the right to do that? Know how to stand up for yourself in a conflict, an argument, or even a fight. Don’t let other people bully you for being different and unique. How do you fulfill yourself and be happy? Just be yourself. When you are real and true, you will always get to your goal. The main thing is to follow your own path, not try to follow someone else’s.