Largest watchmaker Swatch fell victim to cyber attack

The world’s largest watch manufacturer Swatch Group disabled its IT systems after detecting a cyber attack. According to representatives of the company BleepingComputer, they detected a cyberattack on the weekend and disabled IT-systems to prevent the spread of malware.

“Swatch Group immediately evaluated and analyzed the nature of the attack, took appropriate measures and made the necessary corrections. The situation will return to normal as soon as possible,” company representatives said.

This is by no means the first cyber attack against major campaigns this month. For example, previously the largest Italian eyewear manufacturer Luxottica and owner of the brand Ray-Ban has undergone a cyber attack, which led to a halt in production in Italy and China. Portals Luxottica and showed reports about the maintenance of sites.

This week, one of the largest private companies in the U.S., Universal Health Services (UHS), which provides healthcare services, was forced to shut down its computer systems due to a cyber attack. Under the management of UHS is more than 400 medical facilities in the U.S. and the UK, the company provides medical services to about 3.5 million patients annually.