Leather jacket for men with what to wear shoes. What a man can wear a leather jacket: stylist tips on how to create a fashionable image

Fashion does not stand still, it moves steadily forward, dictating new rules and trends. Some things go out of use, and some things are actively used by society. But there are things whose exploitation does not lose its relevance over the years. To these attributes of fashion leather jacket, whose history began in the early last century. If at the time the “leather jacket” was part of the biker closet or was used for filming a movie, now this piece of clothing is the most widespread. Because of the wide variety of models and colors, the question arises: what a man to wear a leather jacket? The answer can be found in this article.

Types of leather jackets

“Leather jacket” has a century-long history. During this time, she was not once subjected to various changes and additions, which led to a variety of types of this attribute of clothing. You can opt for both barely reaching the waist shortened model, and slightly elongated. Depending on the type of shape men, wishing to emphasize their slimness, purchase a fitted “jacket”. In the presence of any flaws should pay attention to more spacious models. To choose a suitable jacket, you must decide what you need it for and what to wear it with. Correctly selected closet will give the image of masculinity and a touch of boldness.

At the moment we can distinguish the following types of “leather jackets”:

aviator jacket;


Leather jacket with a hood;

leather jacket.

Each of these models has its own characteristics, which will be noted below.

Aviator jacket: steps towards a stylish image

Originally, this model served as part of the military uniform of the U.S. army. But over time, the “aviator” firmly settled in men’s closets due to its practicality. Depending on the weather, men choose both a lightweight version of the jacket, and a model with different linings, which are necessary to keep warm.

The aviator jacket looks good with sweaters of different colors, T-shirts, shirts in sports style, classic jeans and military boots. Because of the cut of this model absolutely do not fit classic pants and shoes.

Young men often choose “aviators” with colored patches, which give an image of boldness. Stylish sunglasses will help complement the bright look.

Men older patches are not to the face, so they should opt for a classic model of “aviator” in black or brown.

“Bomber”: how to choose and with what to wear

This model is considered more defiant and at the same time elegant and stylish solution of the “aviator”. Due to its versatility, “bomber” is ideal for all men, regardless of the type of figure and age. Owners of narrow shoulders may opt for a jacket with a belt, designed to elongate the figure and emphasize the waist. If you have a small tummy, you can simply remove the belt: the jacket will be free and will not accentuate the problem areas. And with the “bomber” with a high collar you can visually stretch the neck.

This attribute of clothing will not tolerate the pants and high boots. Harmonious combinations with the jacket will create:

cashmere sweaters;

denim shirts;

classic and tight jeans;


Leather Hooded Jacket: Making a Fashionable Look

Hooded jacket does not belong to either urban or sports style. This model is not universal, and older men should exclude it from their closet, as from the side it will look ridiculous and out of place. The exceptions are the stars of show business, who are very fond of this variant of “leather jacket”.

When choosing a jacket with a hood should abandon the classic ensembles. To look stylish, you need to combine the jacket:

With chinos pants;

with T-shirts;

with lightweight rubber-soled canvas shoes;

with jeans;

With hoodies and sweatshirts.