Life hack: never wash meat before cooking

You can’t just take and not wash the meat before you start cooking it. It’s too complicated, we know. This article will help you gain courage and go against the system.

If you wash raw meat thoroughly, believing that this way you get rid of dangerous bacteria, we’re in a hurry to upset you – the reality is very different. You won’t get rid of bacteria in this way, but you will spread them all over the kitchen. This process is called cross-contamination, and there is nothing good about it – the bacteria in the meat juice can get on dishes, tables and food. In general, cooking risks ending up in food poisoning. That’s why the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention do not recommend washing poultry, beef, pork, mutton, and veal before cooking it.

Do not be sad: as a result of heat treatment (roasting, frying, grilling), bacteria will still die. As for the temperature to which the meat should be heated during cooking, the American and British recommendations differ. Some say about 62.8 ° C, while others say about 75 ° C. WHO in principle proposes to bring everything to a temperature not lower than 70 ° C (there are special thermometers that will help to track this case).

If you need to defrost the meat (or fish – it’s immaterial) before cooking, you should also do it correctly. Medical journalist Daria Sarkisian in her book “Wallpaper Killers, Poisonous Water, and Chair Washer” gives three safe ways:

Put it in the cold room (such defrosting takes quite a long time). Then, you can keep unfrozen food in the fridge for a day or two and red meat for three to five days.

Put in a package in cold water and change it every half an hour.

Heat in a microwave.

It is not necessary to wait for the food to warm up, you can cook it just like this – frozen. It just takes a little longer to cook.

All other products, such as fruits and vegetables, must be washed with tap water before cutting and adding to salads. But knives, spoons, plates, saucepans and everything that came into contact with raw meat, poultry or seafood (such as countertops, sink) must be thoroughly cleaned with detergents.

All disposable packaging boxes, which stored raw meat, should be discarded – never put them with other food products.

Do not forget to wash your hands well after working with raw meat. A good wash means with soap, for at least 20 seconds and warm water.