Life is too short not to take everything from it

If I started my life over, what would I change and how I behaved? I’d definitely be different. More active, brave, reckless, wild, loving and cheerful. Life is too short not to take everything from it. You can get stuck in modesty, depression, mistakes and stupidity, but you have to be aware of one thing. Life is one, and it’s very short, like a moment. Don’t let yourself suck up to this priceless gift called “life.” Life is too short not to take all one from her.

1.You’re priority number one. You should always think about yourself first, and then about other people. You have to make yourself happy and then worry about the rest of the world. No one will do that for you. Do not listen to other people reproaching you for your selfishness, they want to be happy at your expense and to solve problems with other people’s hands.

2. Have fun. Don’t put yourself in a rocking chair early. While the young, wild and reckless have a good time. Let yourself drink the youth cup to the bottom. Be cheerful, follow your instincts and light it up.

3. Say “yes” to opportunities. Always grab the chance offered by fate. Challenge, leave their comfort zones to become stronger, wiser and better. Don’t miss a chance and create opportunities for yourself. Hold on to the outgoing wagon and meet the new one.

4. Say “no” to the wrong person. Refuse and say no if it’s not in your interest. Don’t let negative people take up your time and energy. Don’t agree to anything less than you deserve.

5. Smile more, laugh more and have fun. Don’t take things too seriously and yourself. Humor will help you communicate with other people, help you overcome difficulties and make life happier.

6. Surround yourself with the best. Throw away toxic people and those who pull back. Let there be positive, cheerful, purposeful and wonderful people around you. Strive for the best to be better.

7. Travel. Sitting in your swamp, you think at the level of the swamp. Travel to know the world, understand other cultures, communicate with foreigners and other travelers. Travel inspires, teaches and dramatically changes consciousness.

8. Do what makes you happy. Invest time, energy and perseverance in what makes you happy. What makes you happy and makes you better. Work hard on what you’re passionate about. Chasing after a dream will make you happy.

9. Do what you’re afraid of. Often, to achieve a dream, you have to step over yourself and your fear. But you have to do it so you don’t regret missed opportunities at 80. Courage, confidence and taking risks will help you achieve what you want.

10. Love. Give important priority to dating and love. Do not be afraid to love, try and be reckless. Life is given for love. Give it to her without a trace, even if it may end. But don’t feel sorry for yourself long after the breakups. In your life you’ll have lots of second halves, lots of emotions, lots of sex and a little less love. Try not to lose love.