Limiting beliefs about money that prevent you from becoming rich

Why do some people stick money to themselves, and others spend their whole lives interrupted because of their lack of money? Do you have problems with finances and well-being, but never with money? What is the reason for a small amount of money? Poverty problems can come from limiting beliefs imposed on you by your parents, acquaintances, or society. Have not lived rich, have nothing to start with? You should get rid of the restrictive beliefs if you want to be wealthy and rich. What do all poor people have in common?

Restrictive beliefs. Cars, apartments, jewelry, gadgets and other valuable things are not bought with saved money on toilet paper. Money is earned differently, and saving is the wrong way. The philosophy of money is to remove the prohibitions of being rich. We do not consider ourselves worthy of money, and therefore we always lack it. Restrictive beliefs hold us back financially and prevent us from having more. Significantly more.

If you don’t have money, then somebody has it! What is the way to be the ones to whom the money goes? Get rid of limiting beliefs that prevent you from being wealthy and rich. Money always goes to someone who understands their secret.


The cause of poverty can be eradicated if you stop thinking about the stamps of the poor and the poor. Here is a list of limiting beliefs that must be banished from the brain. Test yourself. On a scale from 0 to 5, how true is this statement about money. Maybe you have half of the list available. Stop thinking like a poor man to be wealthy, rich and successful. A list of 120 limiting beliefs and thoughts that you should not have in your head.

Restrictive beliefs about money

1. I will never be rich.

2. I wasn’t rich in my family and therefore, I wasn’t destined to be rich.

3. I earn as much as I stand and deserve.

4. I have not lived rich, I have nothing to start.

5. You do not earn a lot of money by honest work.

6. Only thugs drive good, expensive and luxurious cars.

7. I will never be able to earn N amount per year.

8. Only greedy materialists want to be rich.

9. The presence of money equals soullessness.

10. There is a crisis in the country for me to earn well and have money.

11. I am not educated enough to be rich.

12. It is a shame to be rich when there are so many poor people around.

13. Only those who have connections, inheritance or help from other rich can be rich.

14. With money only those people who are unclean in their hands.

15. The boss wants to buy a new car, which means I am ready to work for a penny.

16. All women want only money from a man.

17. The rich only get richer, and the poor always get poorer.

18. I am not smart enough to earn much more.

19. people with only blame and connections can become rich.

20. We have the curse of money in our family that no one will ever have money.

21. Money is dung, today it is not, and tomorrow it is dung, and tomorrow it is dung again, because it is not our dung.

22. The payment for money must be the torment of hard, round-the-clock and difficult work.

23. Where there is a lot of money, there is so much crime, depravity, permissiveness and misery.

24. All businessmen and entrepreneurs are thieves.

25. I am wearing poor man’s karma and rock.

26. Money is the root of all troubles and troubles on Earth.

27. Everyone is jealous of money.

28. If I am successful and rich, everyone will hate me.

29. Everyone condemns and scolds the rich for their eyes.

30. Taking care of money means you ignore your family and private life.

31. I don’t know how to handle money.

32. Money corrupts people.

33. I don’t have a decent salary, but I can’t earn more.

34. Crisis, bad time and problems will not let me get rich.

35. I must spare every penny and save on everything.

36. I have a poor man’s mind.

37. At the end of the month I always have no money.

38. To have a lot of money you have to do a lot of things that I don’t like.

39. I spend a lot of money when I can save and save even more.

40. Nobody believes in me, because nothing will work out.

41. I can earn only when I get a salary.

42. I have no business, commercial or financial streak.

43. Money requires attention and responsibility, but I do not need it.

44. I have a lot of money after my salary, but three days later I have nothing.

45. I don’t know how to dispose of money at all.

46. I will not take more money that I am not considered mercantile.

47. If I receive a lot of money, I will not have time for a family.

48. The director and the firm have difficulties, which means I have to bear with my salary.

49. Only careerists can earn money.

50. Big money is vulgar and vulgar. Those who want a lot of money are uneducated and vulgar.

51. If I earn a lot, they will be afraid to lose everything.

52. I am ready not to take money for work, but to refuse to pay and work for “thank you”.

53. I am a bad professional, which means I am not worth big money.

54. Money brings commitment and great responsibility.

55. It is impossible to have money and free time.

56. I must work for less so that I can be valued more.

57. While earning a lot of money, I betray my poor father.

58. When you have a lot of money, everyone wants your money, and if you don’t give it, they hate you.

59. For me there is no such purpose as to earn more money.

60. I am too modest to have a lot of money.

61. You should not spoil children, your wife and yourself with money.

62. The gods punish the rich.

63. I am lazy, and therefore poor.

64. When you have money, you are communicated only because of money.

65. You can’t take the money with you, which means you don’t have to bet on it.

66. Money solves problems, but creates others.

67. How much they do not earn, but everything goes.

68. I am destined to be not rich and to endure deprivation.

69. There is always enough money just to make ends meet.

70. When I have money, I want to spend it all.

71. If I am rich, everyone will be jealous and bad.

72. A lot of money in my old age will make everybody want me to die.

73. If I haven’t earned yet, but I don’t have mind and abilities.

74. Money loves account and order, and I always have a mess.

75. If I have a lot of money, others will not have enough.

76. I am too old/ stupid/uneducated/farranged to have a lot of money.

77. There is a lack of money everywhere in the world and everyone is poor.

78. There is always little money and there is not enough money.

79. The less money, the simpler and better.

80. I don’t need much, I’m always humble and do the minimum.

81. Money is power, and it corrupts and spoils.

82. There is someone sitting in me who spends all the money at zero.

83. I would not feel safe with money.

84. Everyone who has money is stupidly lucky.

85. I am afraid to carry a lot of money in my wallet.

86. Money comes only through hard work.

87. I do not know how to make money, but I can only spend it.

88. I am not a monetary person.

89. By my age I should be already rich, but I did not succeed. So, my chances are zero.

90. To earn you have to put all the time, strength and family.

91. Big money causes stress and depression.

92. Whoever is born poor will go away with it. You can’t fight against fate.

93. I am more used to making ends meet.

94. On a horoscope I have nothing with money, so I am doomed.

95. There is not enough money in economy.

96. Less money – you sleep better and harder.

97. Money is a pain when you have to think about how to save and spend it.

98. All billionaires are crooks, swindlers or thieves.

99. I can earn money, I just don’t want to.

100. Money brings bad luck.

101. Different swindlers hunt for rich people, and I don’t want that.

102. I can earn money, but I can’t spend it, so it doesn’t make sense.

103. First, we spend health to earn money, and then we spend money to restore health. Why spend health and time in general?

104. If you don’t work, you can’t earn all the money.

105. Money spoils people.

106. I have no talent to earn money.

107. I cannot be rich in curcula when there are so many poor people around.

108. Money only makes ends meet, but I have enough.

109. Money is the source of all misfortunes.

110. Even if you work more, you will get like everyone else.

111. Happiness is not in money, which means no family, love and happiness.

112. Money is secondary when I care more about correctness and spirituality.

113. I do not deserve prosperity and luxury.

114. With a cute and paradise in a hut.

115. I do not need much, but enough bread crusts and a small corner.

116. If you earn a lot, you will have fake friends and fake love.

117. Money for a rainy day will not be put aside.

118. There are hard times and crisis in the world, which means there is not enough wealth.

119. Better tits in the hands than a crane in the sky.

120. I am not worthy to be rich.

Are these limiting beliefs about money true? No, of course they are not. Any restrictive belief about money can be removed so that it does not drag the bottom of poverty. Think not like a poor man, but like a wealthy and rich man. Everything starts with a thought. Think of yourself as a positive belief that helps to have more well-being and money. Who cares about money, is smart and farsighted. Money helps in life and solves 90% of problems. Money brings joy, happiness and abundance.