Loose relationship

Take a walk while you’re young? Even in a big city in the afternoon with fire can not find anyone willing to have an easy affair with a pretty girl – give everyone a long-term perspective. No guys or girls want a free relationship. The opinion of a girl from the capital about free love and relationships. I’m a girl from 12 million Moscow, and I’m unrealistically longing to find a guy for a free relationship! It’s very simple: I’m 23, I’m fine with housing and work, in the eyes of others, not a bad figure and pumped communication skills, and I also, surprisingly, like my life, and I do not want to part with it. Yes, I have not given up on the responsibility of building relationships in vain, I do not want to go into this maze, “work on myself”, something to build and spend time on finding out the stupid problems.

I’m not interested in life at all and I’m not close to the idea of home comfort, and I stubbornly do not understand what is good in loading the partner with their stories about the past day and listen to the same boring stories in return, calling it support. I’m always ready to help and can accept help, but I don’t need meetings, I don’t want to plan my life with someone in mind and I don’t want to be into plans in general, but I’m happy to offer everything that’s available today. I will support the idea of going anywhere in the world for the weekend or locking myself in a room at the nearest recreation center.

I will gladly go around all museums with you, go to any concert, meet friends, fly a paraglider, try Madagascar bugs and generally agree at least to conduct investigative journalism, at least paintball play in the night forest. I do not mind to sit under the stars on the balcony, discuss with you literature, structuralist theories or the new law of the State Duma, drink wine and talk about abstract concepts. And finally, I fully approve of the idea of visiting the shop of intimate goods, inviting more people to our company, go to a sex party, swap partners or spend parties on the side.

It’s probably not a very popular position against the background of general seriousness, but I love entertainment and don’t understand what pushes people of my generation to find a couple. Yes, I’m not in a position to understand why I should make myself more uncomfortable, set limits and introduce notions of any kind of change, why I should worry about my boyfriend having a good time and why I should limit myself to him. I don’t want tedious stability, I don’t want to spoil the beautiful moments in my life by trying to stretch them out forever, there’s nothing worse than knowing that tomorrow will be like the previous day.

I’m 23 years old, and I don’t understand how you can dream of a family and TV series under a blanket at this age, and if someone says it’s going to be too late, it’s better to be late than I’ll drive myself into such a kabbalah. It’s too much to say that everyone needs a serious relationship. Even guys who say they’re on a free voyage are starting to complain and freak out about their lack of trust after two weeks, even though they were well aware of my position but either didn’t pay the slightest attention or thought it was a joke.

As for the girls of unconventional orientation with whom I tried to get acquainted, I never once met anyone who wanted to start communicating without a specific purpose. It seems unbelievable, but in a big city, where there are people, it seems, with any worldview, day with fire can not find those who want to have an easy affair with a pretty girl – give everyone a long-term perspective.

Here it is customary to answer, so answer students and young professionals from the middle class: what prevents you from looking for temporary options, why do you want to quickly hang a bunch of commitments, why can not just afford to enjoy at least up to thirty years? I feel like I exist in the world of spherical retirees, it seems that the stability of relations now begin to look for class from the eighth, at least when I studied in the eighth, the people have already aspired to officiality. This disgustingly boring arrangement in romance, in which it is impossible to find either lightness or inspiration.