Major mistakes and dangers of a blind date

All people are different, each has his own plans and desires, but each person, sometimes even involuntarily, is looking for his other half. Some people do it better, others do it worse, but nobody wants to be lonely, everyone, over time, feels the need to meet the need in family and offspring.

Time goes by, humanity is changing, recently more and more common are blind dates, where you can meet a potential life partner, lover or just a friend. Why does this happen? Everything is simple, communication in social networks and chats has led to the fact that most couples get acquainted on the Internet, so almost everyone, at least once, is experiencing the process of blind dates.

And everything seems to be okay with such meetings, but not here, people get so lost and get nervous that they make a lot of mistakes on a blind date.

Often plays the role of a sad experience of a girlfriend or friend who has already burned on such a date, this thought is deeply in the head, and the person is skeptical and distrustful in advance, which leads directly to a fiasco. But aren’t you doomed your date too early, people should always be given a chance!

There is also an opinion that such dates go only to losers or losers, and it’s okay, if acquaintance started on the Internet, but to go to a meeting with a person who knows a friend of some friend … So what!

A date is always an experience, to some extent a game that should be perceived easily and at ease, and blindly it or not, it doesn’t matter.

Blind date is a kind of lottery, you can win a million in the face of a beautiful husband or friend, or you can waste money and time. Without it, nowhere, but, as you know, who does not risk, he does not drink champagne!

Do not forget that you are both nervous, so do not evaluate the person from the first 10 minutes of communication, if the interlocutor seems to like, but he is silent and constrained, you should try to find common themes in which he can feel free.

Such a date should be perceived as an adventure. If there is really a desire for something to come out of such an event, then it should be treated as a curious adventure, without thinking about the outcome and results.

But, of course, along with all this, for a successful date, you need to prepare, observe some rules and boundaries, and then the adventure is sure to succeed.

Five rules

Rule No. 1. Planning

Any event has to be planned, and a blind date is no exception. Of course, spontaneity, it is good, but such moments as the right clothes, meeting place and the financial side must be decided in advance.

For example, with regard to clothing: it is better to choose something average, do not scare people into the first meeting with a bright makeup and ultra-short dresses, but to turn into a gray mouse is also not worth it.

A moment with someone who pays for what is also better to discuss in advance, although the etiquette says that a man should pay, but it’s better to have the necessary amount of money, otherwise you may get in demand, which is extremely unpleasant.

Rule #2. Security

People are different and no matter how much you communicate before the meeting on the Internet or by phone, it does not mean that the person is adequate, does not suffer from psychological and physical disabilities.

That is why the main rule of blind dates security is: make the first appointment in a public place, where there are a lot of people and, preferably, not later.

First, if the date goes wrong, it is easier to escape from a public place, and secondly, in crowded places, you can assess the behavior of your companion, how he keeps to people, his manners, solvency and generosity.

It is also important to inform your friends or relatives where and with whom you are going, to leave the coordinates of your meeting place, and do not forget to charge your cell phone, as you already understand, it should always be near and on.

Let it not look paranoid, it’s better to be safe, because, as we have already said, people are caught by all kinds of things.

Rule #3. The meeting process

It is better if you arrive at the meeting place in advance, so you can look around, assess the situation, as well as make a pleasant impression on your dating partner. Even if your correspondence continued for a very long time, it is better not to start the meeting with a throw around the neck and a strong hug.

Still, this is a stranger and you do not know if you can stay in the same warm relationship in real life, and the sudden coldness on your part, which may arise from the emerging dislike in the process of communication, will be difficult to explain to your opponent. So it’s better if you start a meeting with a warm smile, and if everything goes well, you can move to the next level.

Rule #4. Dialog

What is very important for a good date? Right, a quality and meaningful conversation that will involve two attendees at once. But sometimes, when you see a person for the first time, it is very difficult to start a lively and relaxed conversation, it takes some time, a period of adaptation, so to say.

That is why, it is necessary to prepare in advance a few general topics from which to start a conversation, as it progresses, it is necessary to ask questions, but not to overdo it, you can not make a person feel like an interrogation.

If it is difficult to find common topics, and before that you have never talked even in a chat room or on a social network, the best solution is to go to a movie or an exhibition, there you will immediately find something to talk about. And one more thing, do not forget to be yourself, it is important.

One of the most common mistakes of blind dates is that a person wants to show himself better than he actually is, begins to make up tall tales and behave as if he shouldn’t. And if your relationship does strengthen, then you still have to open up, which will lead to disappointment.

Rule #5. End of

A blind date may go differently, but, anyway, it is necessary to thank the person for the time spent. If everything went well, then exchange phones or make an appointment for the next meeting. If, on the contrary, you understand that this is your first and last meeting, then this must be said honestly, so that the person does not have empty illusions.

Why it is necessary to go on blind dates?

Because there are not so many unusual meetings and events in a person’s life, life is mostly ordinary and mediocre. So why not shake yourself up? Are you sure to get a charge of emotions, or maybe this is the chance to get a loved one or a friend for life? And until you go, you will never know it.