Male climax – learn how to deal with sensitive issues

Doctors have long assumed and finally agreed that age-related hormonal decline, or, as it is now called, menopause, is a problem that not only women face at a certain period of their lives, but also men.

The main difference lies precisely in the timing of its onset: if for the beautiful half of society this period is approximately the same for everyone, from 50 to 55 years old, although there are deviations in different directions, then menopause in men is a poorly predictable thing, it can begin as early as 40 years and at 70.

If the male climate occurs in the period from 35 to 45 years, then it is considered early, and if after 60 – late, which, by the way, has recently begun to become a normal phenomenon.

What is the reason for the appearance of male menopause? What are its main symptoms, signs and is it possible to deal with them somehow? First of all, it should be noted that this is not a reason for panic, an exception may be those cases when serious disorders in the general health of a man appear during this period, as well as those cases when menopause occurs too early. What is the reason for this phenomenon?

Experts have found that this is an age-related restructuring of the body, which is accompanied by a gradual decrease in sexual function, as a result of a decrease in the level of male sex hormones in the blood.

Sometimes there are pathological manifestations of menopause, which are accompanied by malfunctions in the work of the heart and blood vessels, as well as in the work of the genitourinary and nervous system. However, in most cases, in the majority of the representatives of the strong half, the restructuring occurs smoothly, which is why no attention is paid to it, but in vain.

The main symptoms of male menopause

The first thing to notice: all the sensations inherent in the male menopause, albeit unpleasant, but still temporary, and if you also approach it correctly, resort to timely treatment, then everything will go quickly and smoothly.

Usually, all symptoms disappear in 2-4 years, and with the appropriate attitude, they do not bring much trouble. Still, situations are different. Some of the symptoms in men are very similar to the female menopause: these are sharp “flushes” of heat or cold, to which, by the way, the strong half of society generally does not pay any attention.

Dizziness, pressure drops, heart palpitations are all characteristic signs of the phenomenon in question. Symptoms can worsen with increased physical and emotional stress.

The main problem that really begins to worry men at this age is a decrease in sex drive or a gradual decrease in potency.

It should be noted that hormonal changes can be accompanied by serious inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, such as ovarian tumors, epididymitis, orchitis and others.

It is the extinction of sexual function that, in most cases, is accompanied by serious psycho-emotional experiences on the part of men: accelerated ejaculation occurs, the volume of sperm and the number of sperm in it decrease. The severity of symptoms in each person is individual, as well as their duration. Due to such hormonal changes, fat is deposited in the thighs and buttocks, and skin laxity is manifested.

The psychological side of the issue

In addition to physical sensations that bring tangible discomfort, psychological moments also begin to appear: it is during this period that men have a state of “comprehension of life values.”

He sums up the results, ponders whether he could achieve what he dreamed of in his youth, if most of the plans are embodied in reality, then perhaps psychological disorders can be avoided.

If the menopause began to be accompanied by a midlife crisis, then it is necessary to look for ways to overcome it, as a rule, the family and close people become the main helpers in such a situation. What should a woman do if her man has menopause? It is very important to be able to support your loved one, to show him that he, as before, is the head and support of your family.

Try to spend as much time as possible together, try to change the environment, for example, make repairs or go on a trip, and also, which is very important, do not be lazy in sex! The last point applies to both the woman and the man.

If a man began to feel some age-related changes in his body, then one should not despair, this is not at all evidence of the end of a full-fledged sexual life. The most important thing is to maintain emotional and psychological balance: an adequate response from loved ones to the changes in the man’s body is important.

What to do in this position for the man himself? The first symptoms and signs of menopause are a bell to think about your health, perhaps it’s time to change or modernize your usual way of life.

The onset of such a period is a signal to the beginning of a more active pastime, it’s time to actively take up your physical shape: choose an activity you like, perhaps it will be a gym, swimming, or maybe you have always dreamed of going to a dance, but you need it didn’t have enough time? It’s time to fulfill your dream!

Did you know that proper physical activity increases testosterone levels by as much as 20%? Do not forget about regular walks in the fresh air, by the way, they also affect the increase in potency. It is also necessary to tirelessly monitor your diet and weight, because it is the extra pounds that become one of the reasons for the pathological manifestations of male menopause.

It will not be superfluous to consult a doctor, in general, men after 40 are recommended to visit an endocrinologist and urologist every year, all the more, it is necessary to resort to their help if any painful changes appear in the body.

There are also a number of folk remedies that help relieve or even get rid of the symptoms of hormonal changes. For example, it is very useful to take a bath with the addition of pine needle concentrate, valerian or pine salt.

To increase potency, you can eat a mixture of walnuts, pollen and honey. Another option is a mixture of milk, carrot juice, celery and onions. Also, for treatment, tinctures based on fennel, valerian root, caraway and motherwort herb are often used.

And the last thing: proper treatment and a favorable family environment are the key to a quick and gentle course of menopause, after which you will be able to enjoy all the delights of the time period that has come.