Male style

Modern men are no less than women want to look stylish and attractive. Fashion today is a mixture of different styles that have appeared and developed over a very long time. Let’s consider what styles today are popular among men of different ages and social status.



Business and confident men often choose things in the official style. Such outfits can be used not only for going to work, but also for everyday life. Elegant style is distinguished by extreme restraint in colors and quality cut.

In this style, often used monochrome suits in combination with shirts made of high quality expensive materials. Shirt with a hard collar, complemented by a stylish tie, looks very stylish and effective. These images are complemented by high-quality shoes, which also give a good sense of style.


For various official events and celebrations, you can choose an attractive outfit in a festive style. Men in these outfits look spectacular and feel confident.

The main detail of this style is a spectacular tuxedo or frak. High quality materials such as silk, satin, etc. are used for sewing such outfits. A tuxedo is a simple black jacket, complemented by clear, dense lapels. It is made of high quality and expensive fabrics.

The frak differs from the tuxedo by its cut. This men’s suit consists of a jacket, shortened in front and complemented by long floors. This jacket is complemented by tone pants and a shirt with a vest.


More unusual look men in things in avant-garde style. This current has its origins in art. Its founder in fashion was the famous designer Pierre Cardin. He popularized unusual and bright things both among men and women.

Things in the avant-garde style are distinguished by the presence of vivid details and a touch of disgust. In this style, there are no monotonous shirts and similar costumes.

But fans of avant-garde style should take into account that such outfits will not be appropriate in all situations. So, for example, the combination of a shirt and velvet costume will be completely superfluous in the office.

Avant-garde outfits are a combination of things that practically do not match each other at first glance. In one outfit can be combined such materials as velvet and organza, suede and silk, silk and metal. Winning such things look like at various concerts and in other situations.


Onions in casual style are popular among young guys. Youth outfits are usually a combination of simple jeans with T-shirts, sweaters or sweatshirts. The city style is extremely practical and suitable for studying and everyday walks.

Smart casual

The individual elements of the official and urban style combines smart-casual. It is quite possible to call it office, despite the presence of everyday details in the outfits. In such bow quite harmoniously coexist torn jeans and official jackets with shirts. And the classic trousers can be safely complemented with simple T-shirts.

This style gives men a huge room for imagination. You can safely combine the details of a business suit with the things from the street style and look fashionable at the same time.


Teenagers and young guys are usually impressed with Street Căjual-style things. It’s very bright and direct. These images are a perfect complement to simple and comfortable shoes and bright accessories.


Another alternative is the sporty style. Nowadays this is the way to dress not only fans of active sports, but also those who prefer comfort to business images. This style is characterized by simple knitwear, sports shoes and appropriate accessories. Many modern designers produce lines of sportswear and footwear.


Young guys in leather jackets and torn jeans are not a tribute to the fashion of the past. Brutal style looks quite appropriate now. Such outfits are a great opportunity to protest against the social foundations, without doing anything wrong.


Absolutely the opposite of the previous one, the English style. It is distinguished by its extreme restraint and the use of classic monochrome fabrics. The bows in English style are suitable for both adult men and self-confident young guys.

Rock style

Along with the above mentioned brutal style, rock-style is also popular among young rebels. It originates from the punk style that was popular at the end of the last century. In this style there are a lot of metal parts and unusual fittings.


The grunge-style outfits also look out of the ordinary. This style arose as a protest against the popular at the time glamorous style. The young guys denied the need to wear boring, monotonous costumes, preferring to choose something simple and eye-catching.

Fashion, a grunge thing, was first introduced by designer Mark Jacobs. He showed in his collection torn jeans and rough shoes. It happened in the mid-nineties and since then such things do not lose their relevance.

Grunge-style things that can be worn without fear of looking ridiculous include torn jeans, various shirts with scuffs or holes, throwing out t-shirts and sweaters. Accessories in this style should not be too much, otherwise the image will be close to the style of boho.


In everyday life, you don’t have to look provocative and shocking. To look stylish, just choose a quality soft sweater or T-shirt and simple pants or jeans. They can be either straight or loose enough.


A peculiar branch of everyday life is the American style. Most people associate America with freedom and street style. Baseball caps, caps, stretched rapper pants – all this applies to this style. It also often has prints in the form of an American flag and appropriate colors.


In a modern city, the bow of an African hunter looks quite unusual. Safari style is the style of Indiana Jones movies. Here you can find cotton pants, linen shorts, monochrome t-shirts and raincoats. The most popular safari styles are muted colors – beige, brown, olive, green, mustard. Very often such bows are complemented by leather straps, wide-brimmed hats and original portupeias.

Modern onions in the style of safari, of course, are very different from those worn by real hunters and adventurers. But, nevertheless, the theme of the African desert remains.


One of the most popular subcultures today is hipsters. Guys who prefer things in this style, usually oppose fashion trends. They prefer spectacular things to the latest designer collections – vintage, bright prints, sweatshirts with reproductions of paintings, etc.

Hipster style includes simple jeans, checkered shirts, large city backpacks and other deliberately careless details.


Young partygoers can wear club-style outfits. In it bright combinations of colors and unusual decorative elements are quite appropriate. T-shirts and jeans can be decorated with nooks and crannies, stripes and bright prints.

But, along with the colorful things in the club bow will be quite appropriate and monochrome white t-shirts, which have become a kind of classic of this style.

Pretty unusual look men’s club suits. Such outfits look stylish. This may be an unusual combination of skinny pants with a bright T-shirt or jeans with a short jacket. Do not be afraid of experiments, because in the club style, all the bright details are only useful.


The dandy style appeared in the world fashion at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Its name literally means “dandy”. Young people in those days paid much attention to their appearance, choosing the most exquisite things – snow-white shirts, perfectly ironed suits and stylish accessories. It was the jewelry that was given a lot of attention – men carefully thought over which tie or scarf to choose for their costume. Wristwatches were also a topical accessory.


In the nineteenth century, the steampunk style was also popular. Such outfits had much in common with bows in the style of militaries. Such bows were based on muted shades of costumes decorated with volumetric fittings and accessories.

Hats decorated with the so-called pilot’s glasses were an almost irreplaceable accessory.


Very simple, but at the same time extremely refined look things in the French style. In such outfits a lot of attention is paid to the quality of materials. The cut remains extremely simple. In France, very often elegant jackets are combined with jeans and sneakers. French style is the ultimate lightness and spontaneity.


Victorian-style bows are also a tribute to the fashion of the nineteenth century. Luxurious suits with fringe and lace collars look spectacular and stylish. In everyday life they look unusual, but for a solemn event such a shirt or jacket can be picked up.


In the nineties the bandit style was actual in the domestic fashion. The demonstration of luxury and the combination of simple jeans with gold accessories looks quite funny today.


Light cotton trousers, sweaters in a thin white and blue stripe, light shirts and other things in the sea style are appropriate for the rest.


The bows look very conservative in the British style. Englishmen are very picky about the choice of high-quality outfits. That’s why cheap synthetic clothes are inappropriate in this style. It is also worth giving preference to simple conservative styles, which, at the same time, favorably emphasize the tightened male figure.


The democratic American country style is quite different from English. He is characterized by details such as woolen suits, sweaters with patterns, checkered shirts, classic blue jeans and brown hats. Rough shoes such as shoes with shoelaces or leather derby shoes are appropriate for this style.


The fashion of certain epochs deserves special attention. Bright fashion of the sixties is a combination of unusual fabrics with simple minimalistic styles. In the sixties of the last century clothes gradually became more comfortable and practical, moving away from the classics.


Over time, men’s fashion became more vivid. This is confirmed by the outfits from the seventies. The most memorable detail of the images of that time – flared trousers. Such trousers were complemented by original colorful shirts.


Even brighter and more shocking are the eighties outfits. At that time, narrower pants and soft leather shoes of unusual colors were in fashion.


In the ’90s, things from denim became fashionable. Shorts, jackets, jeans and even denim shirts were popular at the time. Often you could even meet guys wearing all denim clothes.


In the 1930s, elegant men’s suits were in fashion. Gangsters were dressed in black and white outfits, complemented by butterflies and stylish hats. Now gangster style is also in fashion. These outfits look a little shocking, but still stylish.


If you’re tired of colorful outfits, look at the Scandinavian-style bows. It is characterized by maximum simplicity of styles and use of light shades.


Like country style, cowboy style is popular with lovers of freedom and practicality. Western assumes a combination of leather boots with checked shirts and cowboy hats. In this outfit you will immediately feel the spirit of South America.


In Korean style, the light suits are combined with monochrome pastel shirts. One of its main characteristics is elegance. Guys in these outfits are very popular among young girls.


Many people believe that romantic dresses are made exclusively for girls. But this is not the case. Men’s outfits in the romantic style are characterized by multi-layered and light negligence. In this style, the costumes may consist of several details – a shirt thrown over a T-shirt and complemented by a shortened jacket.

As for trousers, in this style such models as skinny and galley are most appropriate. Very often onions in the romantic style are complemented by original accessories – neck scarves, unusual ties or scarves. Luke in this style is perfect for a date, a visit to the theater or restaurant.


Vintage style includes things that belonged to the world collections of the last century. Vintage is a spectacular outfit that was either popular with guys from the twenties to the eighties of the last century, or imitates popular styles in the past.


The hippie style came from the seventies of the last century. It is characterized by the use of natural fabrics and direct patterns – ethnic or floral.


The style of bikers is a combination of genuine leather, metal rivets and chains. These outfits can be supplemented with decorative cuts and nicks.

How to pick up

Selecting your own style can be difficult. Most men combine several styles of detail in their wardrobe.

In order to choose your style, you can be inspired by the images of different stylish men. To do this, you can watch bow beech, catalogues of famous brands or just pictures of popular men.

But it’s not enough to just pick up a bow that looks good on someone, you need it to fit you. For example, for full men it is better to pick up bows of dark colors, while for the skinny men it is better to pick up onions of light pastel shades.

Simple straight-cut trousers, complemented by a classic length of top, are suitable for taller guys. But for taller fashionistas, you can choose short rolled up trousers or an extended sweater.

It is also worth noting that not all outfits are equally good for all ages. So, for a man of 40 years old, a classic suit is more suitable than a combination of torn jeans with a molten T-shirt.

Another important point is the quality of the outfit. Despite the style in which your outfit is made, the main thing is that it was very high quality. Every detail is important – from shirt to tie and shoes.

Fashion trends

To look stylish, every man should make his own basic wardrobe of suitable style things. There are 7 wardrobe principles that every man should remember.

For solemn situations in men’s wardrobe must be present at least one classic costume. The optimal variant is the dress of dark color. It is desirable that the costume fit well in shape, so if possible, it is better to sew a custom outfit. You need to find a suitable shirt and tie for the costume.

For everyday wear, pick up a few colored sweaters and polo shirts. Also in the wardrobe you need to have at least two pairs of simple monochrome jeans to change.

For the cold season, it is desirable to have in your wardrobe a classic coat, which is suitable for all men. But, if you do not like this option of outerwear, choose a suitable style of jacket or down coat.

Shoes in men’s wardrobe should also be quite diverse. Comfortable sneakers for everyday wear, soft leather suit shoes and warm boots for autumn and winter.

Stylish images

Any man can look stylish with the right details for his outfit. Let’s look at a few examples of the image in the most popular styles.

Hipster style is considered one of the most popular among young people. To create such an onion is enough to pick up brown trousers, adding them to the red shirt, thrown over a light T-shirt. From the shoes here will be appropriate rough boots of dark color, complemented by bright socks. Such onions will be completed by such accessories as a hat in tone and a brown backpack.

Another popular style is the smart casual. This outfit is suitable for both a business meeting and a date. The suit of dark blue color, consisting of rolled jeans and a jacket in tone, will complement the brown boots and briefcase.

Deserves attention and images in the everyday style. Narrow blue jeans, complemented by a sweater and a warm sweatshirt, look very good. Simple rough boots and a dark-colored leather backpack will be appropriate.