Manage money like a millionaire

Don’t be like the others! Rich people know how to manage and control their money. Otherwise they wouldn’t be millionaires. Manage your money like a millionaire! “Who are we? We’re just consumers obsessed with the external attributes of success. War, hunger, violence – none of that matters. But I do care: celebrities and scandals, TV with 500 channels and whose name is on my underwear tag.” Chuck Palanik Many people want to eat cheeseburgers, play lotteries, go shopping and watch TV.

And that’s where their fantasy ends. They live in an age of consumption. But there are people who live differently. They’re millionaires. Don’t be like everybody else! Rich people manage their money differently than ordinary people. They have different thinking, goals and methods. Even if you’re not rich, you can act differently. Like a millionaire.

How do you manage your money wisely?

Manage your money like Millionaire

1. Wishes and needs We hide wishes behind needs. I need a new phone, an expensive car and a big house. We dream about something and make it a necessity. But do we need it? Why justify dreams, fantasies and dreams with need? The old phone works well, you have practically no place to go by car, and a regular apartment on the edge of the year is not a bad option. We come up with different wishes, and then we feel unhappy. We confuse desires with real needs.

2. Assessment of financial possibilities “The desire to keep up with others in anything – one of the most correct ways to deprive yourself of happiness” Alexander von Schoenburg Spend less, and earn more. Spending money you haven’t earned is easy. Life on credit and the race for a beautiful life does not lead to anything good. Evaluate your financial possibilities. Don’t spend more than you can afford. Be humble and don’t try to lead a life you can’t afford. This misfortune concerns all young modern people.

3. Avoiding loans A sensible approach to credit wouldn’t hurt anyone. Some people take out loans to buy something faster. But it’s fraught with financial turmoil. Multiply the monthly payment by the number of months of credit. What’s the final amount and overpayment for hurry? Avoid stupid credit traps. You’d better save the right amount and save the money.

4. Minimalism “media, our culture – everything lays eggs under my skin. Big Brother fills me with the desire to satisfy my needs. Do I need a big house, a fast car, a thousand trouble-free sexy beauties? Do I really need all that? Or have I been so caught up in it?” Chuck Palanic and the Consumer Society won’t let you live in peace. Companies create a new desire in a person and make you acquire something completely unnecessary. The modern world eliminates the need to think. They’ll tell you what to wear, eat, watch and buy. They will impose their view on life. They want to create a festival of infinite consumption. An educated person is the worst buyer. He does not overpay for goods or buy the wrong things. Be minimalist and don’t listen to those half-naked chicks on TV.

5. Improve your financial situation Look for where to invest your earned money, how to create passive income. Sometimes it is worth sacrificing a better income for long-term gain rather than short-term money. Talk to consultants and professionals who know how to earn and invest. Read books and articles about finance. Rich people have written many books about their success.

6. Savings and spending “I’m not rich enough to buy cheap things” Baron Rothschild Don’t let yourself be the victim of suspicious discounts and savings. Cheap will not serve you faith and truth. Buy quality things. Manage your money like a millionaire and lead the way. Money isn’t everything. Money can’t be a target. We’re strong and smart people to focus exclusively on bills. Make your dreams and plans come true. Do your favorite work, take your time to create and be yourself.