Manufacture of aluminium cans

The aluminium can is one of the most convenient and practical packaging options for soft and alcoholic beverages. Such containers are characterized by low weight, which allows to significantly reduce the cost of transportation of products. Aluminum cans are an excellent and, most importantly, cheaper alternative to tin analogues, which brings them to the leading positions in terms of demand. Having established its own production of such packaging, it is possible to build a profitable business.

The procedure for manufacturing cans is divided into several stages. First, the company delivers finished sheets of aluminum in rolls. These sheets are unwound and sent under the press machine, which knocks out even circles (blanks) on them. The same machine performs bending of the edges of the blanks, turning them into a kind of a bowl. After that, the workpieces fall into another machine, with the help of which can cases are made (pieces of aluminum are stretched under high pressure). After that, the workpieces are sent to the stages of washing, drying, final design and neck formation.

The size of the initial investment will be large, but it depends largely on the planned production scale. For example, the plant, which produces up to 800 million aluminum cans a year, needs to invest, according to specialists’ calculations, about 5,000,000 dollars. But this is a huge production capacity. At the initial stage, we should limit ourselves to lower rates.

Of course, one cannot do without difficulties in this business as in any other. One of the central problems of a beginner businessman is the change in the cost of basic raw materials. Aluminum is becoming more expensive every year, but, as you can see, drinks in such containers are constantly rising in price (it’s not because of improving their quality or changing the recipe).

To attract the maximum number of customers, it is worth thinking about improving production processes and expanding the range (development of more convenient and attractive design of containers, non-standard sizes, etc.). In any case, the prospects of the project are huge, and the demand for aluminum cans in our country will only increase in the coming years, so the aspiring entrepreneurs have a huge chance of success in this business.