Manufacturers of Android smartphones are buying spare parts en masse

Manufacturers of Android smartphones, namely Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo have increased purchases of chips. They are seeking to take a place in the market vacated by HUAWEI under pressure from the United States. Quarterly orders for LCD driver chips have already exceeded the amount that the Chinese telecommunications giant typically purchased for the quarter, until it came under sanctions.

Some suppliers of lighting sensors have also reported that Chinese mobile device manufacturers are actively increasing stocks of these components, trying to increase their share in the domestic and foreign markets of smartphones. Manufacturers of smartphones with the Android operating system may face the need to seriously adjust inventory. That is, get rid of them if they fail to increase their market presence. It is expected that such stock adjustments may occur in mid-February 2021, when the New Year celebrations in China will end, and then it will become clear how successful the companies’ attempts to take advantage of the situation in HUAWEI will be.