Memo about healthy eating

A healthy diet is the way to beauty, health, and longevity. A few basic rules for healthy eating

1) Use a variety of foods in your diet.

2) Eat regularly, in small portions, at least four times a day and chew thoroughly.

3) Try to eat at the same time every day.

4) Try to limit your salt intake. Use iodized salt instead of regular salt.

5) It is also better to limit the consumption of sugar. In some cases, sugar can be replaced by honey.

6) During the day, try to drink plenty of clean water. It is optimal to drink about 2 liters of pure non-carbonated water per day.

7) Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

8) A healthy diet is to avoid modified foods. Their consumption leads to cancer and nervous diseases, as well as irreversible changes in the human immune system. Cheap sausages, wieners, sausages can contain modified products. You should not buy foods labeled GMI (genetically modified source).

9) Food that the body doesn’t digest will eat the person who ate it. Therefore, eat in moderation.

10) Eat no later than four hours before bedtime.

11) Give up bad habits.

12) A healthy diet does not allow alcoholic beverages. To sum it up: A healthy diet is a restriction of fats, salt and easily digestible carbohydrates, an increase in the diet of fruits, cereals, products from wholemeal flour, legumes, lean dairy products, fish, lean meat. And also… Moderation. Four meals a day. Variety. Biological wholesomeness Proper nutrition can be your solution to many health problems, both physical and psychological. Yes, for violation of the rules and principles of healthy eating no one will judge you and, especially, will not punish, but remember that the random unbalanced diet sooner or later will have to pay, and the currency will be – your health. BE HEALTHY!!!