Men’s backpack or solid briefcase: how to choose

Soldiers and athletes use backpacks to free their hands. Travelers wear backpacks to distribute the load evenly over their bodies. Schoolchildren – not to suffer much from the weight of textbooks. However, it is better for adults able-bodied business people to use stylish briefcases rather than backpacks. If you want your colleagues, supervisors and partners to have a good opinion about you, you should wear a business bag. It is worth forgetting about the men’s bag backpack and get yourself the right hand luggage.

Maintain a professional image

The three main components of the professional image of a business person are style, elements of clothing and appearance in general. If you are dealing with a person who wisely invests in the formation of their own professional image, adhering to even the most basic principles of the image, as well as taking care of their appearance, then you will unconditionally decide that he behaves in business as well and in no way will not be lazy and irresponsible, right? On this basis, it is necessary to maintain your visual professionalism when gathering for work, an important meeting, meeting or interview. Suit elements such as shirts, shoes, ties and the classic suit itself have an impact on your career growth. Also, there are no exceptions to the things you need at work.

Why is the backpack an enemy in office work?

Fashionable backpackThis accessory is usually associated with students, athletes, travelers. However, all these layers of people do not do office work in their full equipment, otherwise it would look like coming to work in ski equipment. In this case, the backpack can not be combined with a classic suit, and its straps bend and spoil the lapels of jackets. After all, wearing a backpack with business clothes is a disregard for the office dress code!

The backpack leads to spoilage of clothes

Because the straps will be constantly rubbed against your suit, it will lose its appearance much faster. Especially if you have paid a decent amount for such a suit. Of course, it matters whether you wipe your worn-out tracksuit or a solid jacket made by the Hugo Boss brand. The shoulders of the clothes wear out more, but the lapels (as described above) also suffer a lot. Rubbing, burrs, extra contamination, and then holes… Sad, isn’t it?

The business man and the briefcase

This is a classic combination, and it has not lost its relevance to the businessman so far. The portfolio is an adult backpack. This accessory is outside the time of business style, and in the modern world there are more than a hundred different styles, colors and materials available for every taste and choice. So you can have a “non-dull” and “non-monotone” look.

There are thin briefcases designed for papers and documents, there are spacious models that allow you to carry a laptop in them. As they say, “for every taste and color”!

At the same time, it is not necessary to buy a portfolio at a high price and spend a lot of money on it, for the purchase of handmade models. What to find a suitable variant of a briefcase, which will be perfectly combined with an office dress code and will not hit your wallet, is worth digging on the Internet, for example, the site of the online store “Brendof-Club”. Not even a very expensive briefcase will help to raise your professional image.

The rules for the correct wearing of a briefcase by a businessman

Such an attribute of a businessman’s life must be selected correctly for the shoes. If you use black in your shoes, and the briefcase should be black, but if you wear brown shoes – buy a brown. If you use the color of shoes “burgundy”, it will be better to match a brown bag than black. There is also an option to buy shoes and briefcase in one tone at once.

Portfolio should be made of genuine leather, strong and attractive. You can buy a men’s leather briefcase made of cow or calf. And for those who earn on the skin of a crocodile, snake or ostrich – you can consider more expensive and solid options.

A briefcase should not have any extra decorative elements, it will emphasize your severity and restraint.

In conclusion

After reading everything above, you should have realized that even if you are dressed in an expensive Armani suit and Tissot watch, using a backpack will immediately change your appearance from a solid business man to a student. Therefore, to use such a handy bag is only for hunting, fishing, hiking, and so on. And for work in the office is to buy a branded portfolio. Which portfolio to buy yourself – decide for yourself, but it is worth remembering that the style and image of a solid person require investment. Our online store Brendof-Club has a wide range of unique products of world brands. A wide range of products will allow everyone to find something to their liking.