Men’s basic wardrobe: things that should be in every wardrobe

If you want to look stylish, and not to clog the closet with a lot of unnecessary things – you should first take care of the formation of a basic closet. This will not only save money, but also get rid of clothes that you haven’t worn for a long time and, most likely, will not wear anymore. So, what should be in the men’s basic closet?


The concept of “base” closet for everyone will have its meaning, because the style we all have different. Men 24 will tell you about the things that are definitely not superfluous and will help you create new images not only for walks, but also for business meetings.


Men’s dark blue jeans

One way or another, the dark blue denim is persistently fashionable for decades. Due to their color, these jeans are very versatile and are suitable not only for creating everyday images, but also perfect for dating and business meetings.


    Do not hesitate to combine them with classic shirts, jackets, cardigans, T-shirts, cowboy jackets or just t-shirts.


Men’s monochrome T-shirts

Why did we include the T-shirts in this list? Because your closet definitely has variants with the logo of the Nirvana group, with Ricky and Morty, with Garfield’s cat. But we can bet that there are almost no simple monochrome t-shirts. And this is not very good.


    We recommend buying several monochrome t-shirts of white, gray, blue and black colors. Their nose is with a cardigan, jacket or jacket.


Men’s white and blue shirts

If you put aside the idea of ties, the shirts are very multifunctional. They can be worn not only by office clerks or polite students, but also simply by those who want to look stylish.


    In the base closet there should be space for 2-3 shirts of each color so that you can alternate them quietly.


Men’s checkered shirt

This option is ideal for those who think that white is not his. Shirts in a cage will not only perfectly complement your everyday style, but can also be suitable for business meetings. However, here you should keep in mind the simple rule:


    The bigger and more contrasting the cage, the less suitable this shirt is. For business meetings, choose the options in pastel colors. A small cell can be safely dressed even with a monochrome suit, complementing it all with a tie.


Men’s suits and bombers

Sweetshots – a very functional element of the closet. They can be worn with shorts, sports pants, chinos, and jeans. And they are ideal for a cold autumn, so make sure that your closet has some cool models.


    If at first the bomb was created for pilots, now it has become madly popular around the world. In it you will feel stylish and active, and everyone around you will know that your dude is next to them.


Men’s cardigan

On cold autumn days, the cardigan will allow you not only to look stylish, but not to freeze. Moreover, it is a closet element that can be easily combined with your other basic things: t-shirt, shirt. And today’s popular layering allows you to confidently wear a cardigan under a jacket or a park.


    The main thing is not to overdo it, so as not to remind the local madman.


Men’s classic suit

Nobody will argue with the fact that a good suit only decorates a man. Do you need it in your basic closet? Of course, it’s up to you.


    You should clearly define for yourself how often you attend events that require a strict dress code. If so, then first look at the options in dark color. This is a classic option, which will not be superfluous neither at a cocktail party, nor at a meeting with business partners.


Your basic closet may look different. And this is quite normal. Just follow a simple rule when buying new things: they should be combined with those you already have. Experiment, change and don’t forget that you should be as comfortable as possible in what you’re wearing!