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Features and benefits

Men’s beach shorts in themselves are a unique thing. To replace the usual for us swim trunks, designers offered men such a stylish element of clothing. And it is not surprising that every year the beach shorts are increasingly popular. After all, apart from the attractive appearance of this product will delight its owner with a comfortable wearing. It’s all in the water-repellent material, which are made of such shorts, and they are cut with the account of providing maximum comfort.

Fashion trends

To date, men’s beach shorts are presented in a variety of colors. These can be both monochrome and bright colors. Everyone can choose shorts with colors for every taste.

According to the style summer shorts are also very diverse. Starting with short models exclusively for swimming and ending with knee-length products. The most optimal is the average length, about mid-thigh. Choosing this model, you will be free to move around the city, walk along the coast, and even visit cafes.


Beach shorts are available in several models. One of the varieties are bermudas. The main feature of these shorts is their length, which does not go below the knee. Bermuda shorts fasten with a zipper and often these shorts have several pockets. Although bermuda shorts and belong to the beachwear, you can safely wear them, combining with a jacket and other closet items.

The next type of beach shorts are boxer shorts. They are made of fabric capable of repelling water. The product is distinguished by the absence of fasteners and zippers, instead they use an elastic band or a drawstring at the waist. These shorts are great for swimming.

Another type is the elongated trunks. They are made of materials that dry very quickly. Originally these swimming trunks were designed for surfing. But today they are actively used as beachwear. The product is fastened at the waist with a lace or velcro.

There is another variety – short shorts-flats. They are preferred by young men who have an almost perfect body. The peculiarity is that when appearing in them on the beach, you can advantageously present all the advantages of the figure.

How to choose

Going to buy shorts for the beach, you should take into account several points, so that in the future you will not regret the wasted money. You should pay attention to the color, style and, of course, the figure characteristics. Men with a muscular body is better to choose a monochrome product, or with a small print. Horizontal lines or a voluminous figure can visually make the volume even larger.

Guys of short stature should pay attention to models with vertical lines on the sides of the product. They will visually “elongate” the body.

Men with an ordinary build can choose any styles, colors and prints.

Owners of a figure prone to fullness, it is better to pick shorts with vertical stripes. Such a print is known to slim down.

Of course, special attention should be paid to the composition of the shorts. The fabric should be pleasant to the touch and stretch well. But that does not mean that by touching immediately you need to buy. It is better to carefully examine the label, on high-quality products it is always present. Manufacturers often use designations, the meaning of which is not familiar to everyone. Here are the main ones:

co – cotton;

pes – polyester;

tac – tactel;

lycra – lycra;

sp – spandex;

pa – polyamide;

ny – nylon.

First of all, beach shorts should give comfort in the sun and in the water. It is better if they are made of nylon or polyester, as such fabrics can be classified as quick-drying. If you plan to use shorts not only for swimming, but, for example, for walks, it is better to choose a model with an addition of cotton fabric, about 25 percent.

So, when choosing, the main attention should be paid to the following details:

The shorts should be equipped with an inner mesh. It will not allow the synthetic fabrics to fit tightly to the body.

Very convenient will be a variant with the presence of pockets. In them you can put all kinds of small things, such as keys.

The product should be well fixed on the body. It can be velcro, fasteners, zippers and so on.

After examining the composition and visual evaluation of the product shorts are, of course, worth trying on. They should be comfortable, the movements should not be constrained, and the product itself should be matched to size.

What to wear

Given the weather conditions in summer, the best option for the combination with beach shorts will be shirts and T-shirts. A plain shirt with an interesting print or a monochrome polo shirt, it all depends on personal preferences. In the evening, depending on the style of the shorts, you can wear a light windbreaker or linen jacket.

As for footwear, it is, of course, flip-flops. You can also wear sandals, but you should not wear socks under them.

Stylish accessories will complete the ensemble. It can be caps, baseball caps with bright prints and, of course, the main summer attribute – sunglasses.

Brand New Products

TEAMM8 is an Australian company that offers a whole line of beach shorts called RELAY. Also available are the ultra-fashionable DASH swim trunks. Their distinctive feature is the contrasting design of the pockets area, which makes the product very effective and bright. Pockets are equipped with a zipper. The product is fixed by lace and elastic band.

The TEAMM8 brand also presents SURF and HARBOUR mid-length shorts. These models are distinguished by the color combination: the front part of the product is monochrome, on the sides there is a floral print in contrasting shades. The shorts are also available in floral colors throughout the product, but with monochrome pockets and waistband.

LANAI line will offer a bright, popular and original coloring with a print in a palm tree.

Another manufacturer from Australia, 2EROS, offers beach shorts from SYDNEY collection. Products of this company are made of quality materials. Particular attention is paid to the design of pockets.

The American company PISTOL, when manufacturing beach shorts, focuses its attention on colors and prints. The company can boast and the quality of products. When sewing uses polyester and stretch, these fabrics have the property of quick drying.

Products of the company of English Oiler and Boiler won the attention of the male sex with their stylish products. These beach shorts represent Hawaiian style, which is very popular in coastal areas.

The Vuthy brand is a strong representative of Colombian fashion. Skulls, camouflage, and the inherent Colombian style of black and white are all features of Vuthy’s shorts.

Modus Vivendi (a brand from Greece) offers short beach shorts for men. The shorts of this manufacturer have been in the top of the most popular products for several years.

Stylish images

The photo presents a stylish model in combination with the beach shorts. Probably every man’s closet should have beach shorts. After all, they are able to attract the attention of the fair sex, and advantageously present the advantages of the figure.