Men’s cardigan. How and with what to wear


A little history of the cardigan

Cardigan’s relevance

Why cardigan is a must in the closet

Great practicality

Rules of choice

Wear Rules

How to combine with shirts

The office dress code


Shirt style & body type


This type of clothing seamlessly migrates between styles. It would be wrong to assign it to any one style, as this type of jackets is suitable for any occasion and is suitable for all men. The main thing is to choose it correctly.

A bit of history

A cardigan is a jacket, most often made of wool, knitted, without a collar. It is distinguished by a deep neckline and button fastening. Who actually is the inventor of this detail of the closet, remains a mystery. But there is an opinion that the popularity and at the same time the name of this unpretentious blouse gave James Thomas Bradnell, Lord Cardigan. This Englishman was quite a talented commander and cared about the common soldiers. They respected him and his dressing habits. And the military commander preferred to wear just such knitted sweaters with a button-up.

According to one version, the reason for this was his excessive concern for his hair. Wearing a sweater over his head, the lord caused irreparable damage to the neatness of his hair – buttons were a real boon for him.

Warm coarse-knit sweaters became quite popular among soldiers and officers. They were good enough to protect against the cold and wind. Soon their popularity touched the aristocratic England. The knitting became not so coarse, the cardigans not so massive and coarse. They were knitted from expensive wool, which was wonderfully warm and looked good. Beginning with the countries of Europe, this piece of clothing has gained popularity all over the world. And, among other things, remain a constant element of the Ivy League student look.


Cardigans were and are worn by politicians and celebrities. They are worn at work, on visits and outings. American presidents, British lords, French prime ministers considered cardigans an integral part of their closet. Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, David Beckham and other stars gladly wear this piece at home, on the shopping trip, and for social parties and interviews.

This piece is undeniably a classic. It will never go out of fashion. Design houses and famous couturiers delight fashionistas around the world with variations of this blouse for many years.

Why a cardigan is a must in the closet

The answer to this question is quite simple. It is comfortable, practical and attractive. You can wear it buttoned and unbuttoned. In an unbuttoned form it is quite reminiscent of a jacket, but in this case your image will not be too formal, and will conquer others with the light carelessness and casualness.

Tapered cut looks win-win on men with a good figure. Wide in the area of the chest and shoulders and narrowed at the waist, it will wonderfully emphasize the advantages of the figure. Hugging the silhouette, it will undoubtedly attract the views of the weak half of mankind. You can wear this sweater with a clasp under a jacket in a sporty style, on a shirt with a tie. Will suit jeans and sneakers, as well as pants and shoes.

Stunning practicality

If we talk about practicality and functionality, here there is no equal to the cardigan: you can wear such a sweater during any season. On cold autumn evenings it will warm you up perfectly, and in warmer times you can wear it unbuttoned.

It is perfect for those who like layering in clothing. When it is quite cold, you can wear it over a shirt, and choose a raincoat, jacket or coat as the outerwear. Such a bow looks fashionable, stylish and incredibly attractive.

A good option of clothes for just in case. It can always be removed, folded into a bag or city backpack, just roll up and put on the car seat. Knitted material will not let the product wrinkle. It can also be used as a warming agent. On cool evenings you can throw it on female companion’s shoulders and thus show care and good manners.

Selection rules

Since this piece of clothing is successfully worn by both men and women around the world, it has a variety of styles and cuts.

In order to choose correctly, it is worth following some rules:

It can lie on the figure, but in no case too tight. Tightness is a privilege exclusively for women’s closet pieces. The seams on the shoulders should be in place (on the edge of the shoulder);

The shoulders of quality and good models must necessarily have a softened drape;

Proper length. Ideal if it covers the waist area completely. Be guided by the belt. It should still cover completely when leaning forward;

buttons are quite often present on these sweatshirts. The fittings should definitely be considered well. It should be of good quality and moderately restrained;

If the cardigan with a zipper, you need to pay careful attention to the accompanying elements. This style is sporty and not formal, therefore, it is not acceptable to wear it to business meetings, with a jacket or classic pants, or over shirts with ties;

The material must be pleasant and of good quality. The yarn must be natural. Natural wool, cotton, cashmere, angora will do. Cotton products are more practical to wear, but woolen ones are incredibly warm. To save on wool by no means possible. Poor-quality yarn can cause discomfort and irritation;

It combines well with a variety of closet options. Choosing, have a good look at your things, the purchase should be well suited to both business and everyday style.

Wear Rules

In order to look always good it is worth following some professional advice.

How to combine with shirts:

The cardigan is not worn with a full suit. You can wear it with pants and a jacket, you can only wear it with pants. This rule is dictated by modern fashion. Back in the middle of last century, this ensemble was quite successful. Now it is suitable only for retro parties;

When wearing it over a shirt, pay attention to the length of the sleeves. The cuffs should look out a couple of centimeters from under the sleeves of the sweater;

The collar of the shirt must also protrude. But it is better to hide the corners, so it will look neat and aristocratic;

Remember about the buttons. In a formal style there is a rule of the third button. It’s usually used in the case of a jacket, but with a button-down cardigan, it’s also in action. The cardigan is fully, tightly buttoned, only one bottom button is undone;

If you decide to add a tie to your image, keep in mind that the shirt should be buttoned up, and the tie itself should lie under, not over the cardigan. To this strict ensemble will suit leather folders for papers and documents in classic black or brown shades;

After you have removed the tie, for example, the meeting has moved to an informal level, unbutton the top button on the collar of your shirt. Do not unbutton any more – it would be a mauvais ton;

Office dress code:

It implies neatness. The shirt is necessarily tucked in, but not the cardigan;

A great option for Friday, when looser and more relaxed clothing is allowed. Cardigans with a shirt and jeans will come in handy. In this case, the shirt may not be tucked in. David Beckham style;

A polo shirt combined with a cardigan is a favorite style of golfers. Together with jeans will create a wonderful sporty look. Complement is a shoulder bag, cloth with leather inserts;


Cardigans with a T-shirt will look good on weekends, on a walk or a party. Here there are no limits for experimentation. Look interesting unbuttoned or buttoned models with rolled up sleeves;

Pay attention to the color. Blue and gray cardigans can be worn with almost anything. This color scheme is pretty versatile. Basically, monochrome sweaters without patterns, look beneficial in any situation;

Not only coats or jackets are suitable over the cardigan. Also bologna and fleece vests will do. The main thing is to choose well the color and not to overload the image.


You should choose this piece with an eye to the figure peculiarities:

Men of full build can wear a classic with a deep V neckline. The fabric should be smooth and dense, of a dark shade. Relief, patterns, double-breasted and original collars will make the wrong accent, they should be discarded;

Those with a slender build, you can wear voluminous model, double-breasted, bright and catchy, with fur or quilted lining;

Taller models will suit lengthened models.


When choosing add-ons and accessories, choose hats, caps or scarves that are finer or more coarsely knitted than the sweater. They should not merge. This also applies to the color scheme.