Men’s chinos: what to wear and how to combine

Surprisingly, many people in our country have never heard of such a kind of men’s trousers as chinos. Abroad, they became popular a few decades ago and are still a component of the standard wardrobe of almost every man. They’re only as popular as jeans. However, chinos are more versatile and have slightly more positive qualities.

Materials and kinds

For sewing chinos trousers, cotton with an infusion of synthetic fibers is used, which makes the fabric more flexible and comfortable to wear. A variety of chinos cut allows everyone to choose the ideal option for themselves. It is worth noting, however, that, following the fashion trends, many designers in recent years prefer a narrowed form:

By the way: Tuck chinos pants or not personal business of everyone. They can be worn in both variations.

Manufacturers do not forget about lovers of loose clothes, they produce chinos of wide cut:

The distinctive feature of chinos is the beveled neckline of the front pockets:

Back pockets often look like this:


Chinos is probably one of the few types of men’s clothing produced in such a diverse range of colors. These pants can be found as standard hakka colors, as well as bright red, yellow, honey, purple and others. This allows a huge number of experiments with his wardrobe.

By the way: perfectly colored pants will be combined with a white T-shirt. If you are going to wear a jacket, it’s better to choose dark blue.

For all occasions

Chinos pants for men’s wardrobe is a real find. They are suitable for a walk with friends, a concert trip, as well as for a business meeting in this is their versatility. The main thing is to choose the right clothes for them, and chinos will “adjust” to the situation.

Everyday variant can look like this:

Wearing a jacket and appropriate shirt to these pants, you can go to a business meeting:

To go to a concert or a party, you can create an image in this way:

By the way: Wearing chinos is comfortable with everyday shoes. They can be sneakers, loafers, deserters or topsiders.