Men’s Fashion Autumn-Winter 2019-2020

Paying attention to your appearance is a rule of good tone not only for women, but also for modern men. In 2019, you should really work hard to create an image for work, leisure or meeting with friends, and not just grab the first things from the closet. Besides, today it is fashionable to look not only neat, but also well-groomed, so the guys have to not only go to the gym, but also visit a barbershop to tidy up their hair and beard, to give a healthy look to the skin and nails.

Many businessmen are not overlooked and fashion shows, because their image should meet the latest trends in the fashion industry. However, such collections are also of interest to girls – they try to track men’s trends and dress up their loved ones so that all ahnul. And do not think that modern fashionistas look feminine and pampered! On the contrary, most foreign stylists have taken a course on masculinity and brutality of “Canadian loggers”. In 2019, men’s fashion pleases the eye not only with practical solutions, but also with stylish novelties. Of course, many of last year’s trends remained among the design favorites, but the accents in colors, textures and prints have shifted noticeably. Separately, fashion-masters practically refused to create “fashion for fashion”. Fresh collections prove that fashion designers really understand the needs of modern business men. Silhouettes have become more convenient and concise, and the palette rarely amazes with pretentious solutions and flamboyant colors.

Daily men’s fashion has become much more comfortable: at the peak of popularity – cozy coats, loose-fitting trousers and soft jumper pants that allow you to create relaxed bows in the casual style. Many stylists use aristocratic notes and traditional club style details in their images. That’s why the most fashionable are velvet and velour textures, which markedly squeezed tweed and wool. A note of chic in men’s fashion 2019-2020 brought satin textures – a clear curtsy curtsy towards the bold 80s. However, in contrast to this trend the designers presented the brutal bows, wearing leather jackets and trousers of various colors. In addition, it is important to be able to use accessories. The most fashionable of them were stylish colored gloves, which should become the main accent in winter and autumn images. Most men will like the soft coloristics of 2019 – at the peak of fashion all shades of camel and beige, gray and khaki, as well as olive and black tones, the color of rotten cherry, thunderstorm sky and aged wine.

The only exception is the shades of lavender and purple, which are very popular among both women’s and men’s fashion. However, brave men can dilute the images with bright prints and decor – animalistics is firmly settled in the segment of men’s fashion, as well as the trend for the logo of the 80-90s. Fashion designers have also decided to use native English and Scottish cage – a print that instantly turns a man into an aristocratic and calm gentleman. In short, the new period in the development of men’s fashion can be called controversial, diverse, incredible, but not boring. Do you know how to understand the diversity and choose from the current trends the most significant and easy to adapt? Not a problem! Let’s walk together through the main male trends of 2019-2020!


Prints, inspired by the exceptional diversity of the animal world, have been inspiring fashion industry representatives for many years. There is nothing to be surprised about, because these catchy, but surprisingly harmonious patterns are able to attract attention even to the most laconic clothes. Millions of years of evolution have created ready-made drawings on the skin of snake, cheetah, tiger and leopard for designers. They have become the most popular in the development of stylish new products. The majority of fashion designers have decided that it is possible not to wonder with coloristic decisions, and simply to take advantage of natural combinations of colours. However, some masters decided to experiment and use non-standard color methods. As a result, at the 2019 shows you can see purple spots of leopard, wine cheetah pattern and blue imitation of python skin. By the way, the style of the product should be extremely simple, without distracting attention from the saturated print. Among the bright fans of this trend should be named Antonio Marras and Landlord, who offered men shirts with a predatory pattern. The Givenchy house presented a muted red leopard suit of classic cut, Versace emphasized the masculinity of the man with tiger stripes, and Tom Ford gave preference to python skin.


The traditional pilot’s jacket, which came into men’s fashion in the 30s, is still as good as the palm of the championship. Bombers are so popular that they must be present in the wardrobe of a man who demonstrates good taste in autumn and spring onions. The style of this jacket remained quite classical, so that the imagination of designers rushed mainly towards the side of extraordinary solutions in coloristics and decoration. Most fashion designers offer beauticians to create sports and casual bows, which are suitable for walks in the park, shopping and meetings with friends. However, the sporty look of the jacket is not always welcome.

Ordinary knitwear textures are increasingly giving way to satin, silk and leather, and the laconicism of the monochrome is squeezed by prints and metallized shine. Christian Dada argues (and not without reason) that a sports chic bombard-style bombardment blends perfectly with classic shoes. Iceberg complements the bomber with a very comfortable, almost homemade bow. Theory revives the traditional approaches of the 80’s, and White Mountaineering and Dsquared² turn to one of the iconic trends of 2019-2020 – camouflage coloring and luster of Lurex. At the same time, the designers have managed to prove that the actual bombardman is not only the basis of the city bow, but also a very good clothes for evening images.

Velour, velvet and other soft textures

Trend for the use of soft textures once again proved its amazing consistency. The 2019 shows are full of velvet and velour jackets, velvet jackets and baggy teddy trousers. These hit fabrics appeal to the aristocratic motifs of Victorian England, harmoniously blended with modern men’s fashion. The use of plush, velour and velour brings a touch of chic even in a strict image, so designers recommend men to wear not only stylish jackets and jackets, but also velour accessories in the form of belt bags or gloves. By the way, the “velvet revolution” of 2019 has a quite concrete, restrained palette. There is no place for frivolous colors here, – so the fashion designers decided, having colored the teddy textures in deep tones of red and burgundy, saturated blue and ink, plum, black and dark shades of green.

Absolute bohemianism was demonstrated by Ralph Lauren and Dolce & Gabbana – they offer to try on the ensembles stylized as the home dresses of the aristocracy of the 19th century. Joseph Abboud and Brioni see the modern man as a member of a traditional English club, so they adapt the capricious velvet to the cut of a classic jacket. John Varvatos has decided not to follow strict approaches in the verified style of James Bond, but has dressed a strong half of mankind in a free teddy suit with cozy accessories.

Checkered print

Many collections for the 2019-2020 season are full of checkered prints that highlight the trend for British classics, hooliganistic Canadian style and relaxed cowboy style. Many designers have taken the liberty of handling tartan – along with the traditional green, brown, beige, red and gray tones of Scottish women in winter shows you can see variations of light lines and even mixes in a bright purple tone. Small tartan cannot be called the favorite of the season – the advantage is given to large patterns that combine several colors.

Thus checkered prints can be mixed not only with laconic things, but also with rather catchy details and accessories. In this case, the cell can be painted any item of men’s wardrobe – from jacket and coat to three-piece suit, jacket or shirt. Good examples of stylish tartan are presented in the Versace collection. Yellow and green, purple and red, baroque motifs and football fans’ attributes are united in such an attractive mix that it is simply unrealistic to take your eyes off the podium! Dsquared² and Gustav Von Aschenbach paid attention to multi-layered images. Boglioli offers achromatic jackets in the best traditions of the 80s with voluminous shoulders and hypertrophied silhouette. And for the British classicists you can offer discreet and elegant images from designers Joseph Abboud, Kiton and Ralph Lauren.

Leather jacket

Practicality, comfort and incredible versatility of leather jackets is hard to deny. No wonder that in the autumn-winter season 2019-2020 leather textures enjoy a special design love! Current fashion-collections in the segment of outerwear necessarily include all sorts of leather jackets. However, the most popular are classic short models, rope jackets, sheepskin aviators and strict sheepskin coats to the waist. But we can’t talk about diversity in the palette this time – the majority of fashion designers agreed that the best choice would be traditional black color, shades of brown, ochre, camel and unobtrusive khaki with a gray shade.

The textures are distinguished by the usual matte and light gloss, and only light abrasions, contrasting collars and zippers are used from decorative solutions. In the cut of collars prevail simple racks and small deferred options, so that there are no excesses. The best examples of this trend can be seen at Brunello Cucinelli, offering a classic jacket-aviator, which can be called a thing out of fashion. Dunhill and Versace didn’t start to think twice with styles and color, wearing men’s suits and shortened versions of leather jackets. The tasty chocolate gloss was the choice of Officine Generale fashion designers – the simplicity of the style in their case is slightly diluted with fur collar and large patch pockets.

Leather pants

As already mentioned, the trend towards the use of leather textures for several years now has not given up its position. It is not surprising that in the world of men’s fashion not only jackets made of leather, but also pants made of this plastic and durable material remain in demand. However, the fashion of 2019 brought with it some innovations – including a high fit line, abundance of colored leather in blue, olive and brown tones, as well as decor in the form of buckles, unusual straps, decorative stitches and fur trimmings. Acne Studios, Christian Dada and Paul Smith offer to use free leather pants in their images, complementing them with comfortable everyday bows.

Diesel Black Gold and Kozaburo offered stylized models of pants, which refer us to the images of Mexican gauches and cowboys from the Wild West. A bold enough experiment in the business style segment was presented by Dunhill’s designers – their leather trousers have a strict cut and ironed arrows, thanks to which they harmonize with the coat and jacket.

Three piece suit

Men’s fashion in 2019 couldn’t do without costume solutions, among which there are three-piece ensembles, supplemented with vests. The main requirement of stylists – the vest should not stand out, so its color and color scheme is 100% the same as those used in the manufacture of trousers and jackets. Among the most popular options were laconic and elegant triplets in a mature color scheme. The suits of grey and black tones are so versatile that they are unlikely to ever disappear from the podiums. For the brave fashionistas, designers offer to add colors to the life – for this purpose in the collections of most fashion houses are presented suits in a bright cage. Examples of the most stylish troikas can be seen in the Kiton shows. Designers of this brand consider gray color so indispensable that the maximum that it can be supplemented – almost invisible to the eye cell. Joseph Abboud has gone the way of the least resistance, having offered the black complete set. However, his costume cannot be called boring, because the matte of the fabric is exquisitely diluted with satin inserts on lapels. Well, the brand Billionaire decided that men’s fashion can be as bright as women’s. That’s why the designers gathered together all the best things that 2019 gave them – the purple trio is supplemented with a cashmere turtleneck of juicy green color, and the snake texture of the coat makes the image extremely saturated and flashy.

Logo and inscriptions

The logo and inscriptions of the Renewed Fashion of the 80’s brought not only velvet textures, satin shine and hypertrophied shoulder line, but also provided a bright cameca logomania, which now necessarily adorns sweaters, sweaters, turtlenecks and T-shirts. Even those fashion houses, which are not usually inclined to self-esteem, now massively decorate their products with large logos, paying tribute to the street-style and street aesthetics of the past decades.

Perhaps this trend is most clearly shown in the Versace collection. Donatella Versace decided that the accents, which were previously considered a sign of bad taste, can now be combined in one product! As a result, we received a sweatshot decorated with a leopard, complemented by the symbols of the fashion house and gold patterns. Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Kiton and Iceberg also decided that a simple cut and modest palette should be compensated by accent inscriptions.

Fashionable coat

The current men’s coat is certainly the leader in the list of mandatory purchases in 2019. The only thing that can prevent you from buying a coat is confusion from the variety of styles and textures, because the designers are not stingy and threw on the podium hundreds of attractive solutions, which are not so easy to choose from. However, it is possible to allocate three favourites in this segment and to narrow down a field for searches. The most fashionable color of the coat was the shade of camel. It is found in the collections of most brands, so you can buy a light classic coat, an elegant cashmere coat or a trendy leather product – any of these solutions will be an exact hit in the top ten. For example, Balmain is shaded by a leather trench coat of warm shade of camel with lacquer leather trousers – this note of aggression favourably dissonates with the overall coziness of the image. But Boglioli and Dunhill prefer elegant classics in cashmere version.

Supporters of unusual images can be recommended a coat with a tartan print, which impresses with an abundance of colors and options. For example, you can’t do without a Gustav Von Aschenbach coat to create comfortable bows. For business men variants from Zegna or Wooyoungmi will be suitable, especially as they are distinguished by their versatility – changing the suit to jeans with a sweatshirt or sweatshirt, you will immediately get a city bow! Timeless classics also do not give up under the influx of sharp fashionable design techniques in 2019. Those who can afford only one update in the season, the next fall is worth looking for a black coat. Of course, this fashion-segment is represented by many different models.

Hardly anybody will consider black coat boring or uninteresting! Fashionists can choose from double-breasted or single-breasted models without decoration, or with large branded inscriptions. Especially this trend is visualized by Dsquared² – minimalism of the model with a concealed clasp is shaded by a large contrasting insert with the brand name. Givenchy and Kozaburo bet on a free double-breasted style with no excesses, and Raf Simons opted for one set of large buttons. Unity is only observed in the approach to the cut of the postponed collars and the design of pockets with valves.

Gloves as an accent of the image

It is not a secret that when creating the image, it is important not only to combine a few topical things, but also to find an accessory that will inform the bow completeness. In 2019, the designers decided that the most popular accessory will be all sorts of gloves. Remember – it is no longer fashionable to freeze your hands in the cold season! The glove segment is very wide – choose from knitted mittens, lacquer and leather goods, stylized sports paraphernalia or aristocratic variants of textured velvet.

Gloves can be either a catchy accent or a part of a monoluk that repeats the colour and texture of outerwear, both of which have the right to exist, especially when it comes to gloves in saturated colours. For example, Tom Ford, Joseph Abboud and Kiton chose black leather classics to attract attention using laser décor. But Raf Simons and Billionaire choose traditional style in the sated scarlet colour and tasty shade of mustard, and Z Zegna makes a bet on sports styling and bright colouring.