Men’s grooming. Important rules and tips

It is a well-known joke that a real man should be slightly more handsome than a monkey.

Well, maybe he shouldn’t be more handsome, but he should be neater.

A man’s grooming is made up of little things. I’ll discard the topic of neatness and cleanliness in general, leaving a basic minimum of routine for men.


It’s simple – get a manicure. There is no possibility to go to the salon (and for men it’s not a question of finance, but a question of time) – master the simple tricks of treating the cuticle and sharpening the nails themselves.

I know men who wear neat little pockets with tweezers and a file – why not?


No, I’m not calling to pluck them and give them a clear arc, only to touch the care. For example, remove the hairs in the area between the eyebrows, pick up the excess along the contour.

Remember, the thicker and heavier your eyebrows, the harsher you look. Age-minded men should cut “Brezhnev’s bushes”. It’ll rejuvenate, really.

Go to a salon – now it’s quite a popular treatment offered by specialists.


This is not even a man’s topic, but a universal one. Teeth should be white and whole. Don’t skimp on dentists and whitening. Nowadays, a man with untreated teeth is either “the bottom of society” or a “lazy sissy.


Very often I see this defect even on guys who are quite shiny. The problem of dandruff is more acute for men than for women. What to do?

Pay attention to the shoulders of their jackets, believe me, if you can see this “dust”, then others can see it too, when the jacket is on you.

Nose and ear hairs

One more little thing that catches your eye. Take a closer look. Sticking out? – Buy a trimmer!

This is especially true for older gentlemen. Please remove this ugly thing.


It is useless to talk about the style itself. It’s too individual. But I want to say this: don’t let your hair look stale, even if it’s short.

Chapped lips

Massage with a toothbrush and use a sanitary lipstick. It’s better than walking around with rough, ungroomed lips.