Men’s haircutting with a machine at home

Many ladies are looking for opportunities to spend the family budget wisely and are not against learning new things. You can seriously save on a variety of things. Like men’s haircuts. Men’s haircuts are often, but to cut time to visit the hairdresser is not always possible. The solution to this problem is simple: just learn to cut your husband’s hair at home on their own. No matter how scary such an offer does not sound, in fact, it is very exciting. So, how to cut men’s hairstyles machine without leaving the house? We use the advice of male hairstylists and learn how to save money.

Working equipment of the home master Training hairdressing art will have to start with the purchase of equipment. You’ll need a quality machine with a powerful battery and several attachments. Experienced hairdressers during the creation of men’s hairstyles use a little trick: they lubricate the working surface of the machine with a special grease. Thanks to it, work goes smoothly and easily.

The machine doesn’t tear your hair, it cuts it gently. And one more secret: do not be stingy and buy expensive imported equipment (better even professional). Such machine will serve at home for many decades. In addition to a hair styling machine, you will need sharp, well sharpened scissors and a single comb. With these tools, you will be able to perform some operations that are not available to the machine. We also advise you to take care of the negligee (this is a special cape that covers the clothes of a beauty salon customer). It will help to avoid unnecessary mess, and the man will feel much more comfortable during the haircut. How to cut your husband’s hair with a machine by yourself If you want to learn how to create different men’s hairstyles, we advise you to start with the simplest (boxing, semi boxing). This practice will give beginners masters valuable experience, teach them to understand the basic patterns in creating men’s hairstyles. In a few phrases to define this type of hairstyle can be approximately as follows: whiskey and the back of the head shorter, the top – longer.

To create this effect, you will need 2-3 different lengths of nozzles. With their help you will create a “drawing” of the hairstyle.

If a good man has agreed to this experiment, don’t worry and take your time. During the training process, rush is not the best assistant. It’s better to make things slower, but better quality. If a man’s hair is very long, and need a fairly short male clipper machine, we advise you to start working with scissors. With their help, you can gently remove the extra length, without spoiling anything.

Gradual haircutting First, brush your hair. Then separate a small strand and, between your left index and middle finger, pull it out perpendicular to your head. This way, you can see the maximum length of hair and only cut part of it. Once the extra length has been removed, you can start working with the machine. All masters cut against hair growth. This way, the teeth lift the hair well. Start at the back of the head with a smaller nozzle (e.g. “one”). The back of the head is traditionally quite short, so this length is just right. Take the lowest level down gently by moving the small “steps” from bottom to top. You can cut with a unit until the trim starts. Take a good look at the photo. There are several options for edging, each looking good with a different shape of skull.

Ask the man what form he likes best and start to create it slowly with a typewriter. Take your time! Do not make the transition from a short area to a longer one. How to cut the tip Change the nozzle to a “two” and create a smooth transition. Hair on the top can be cut by the “three” or “four”, depending on the preferences of the client (no doubt, a man has it exactly).

Whisky and Neck Moulding Especially Careful Whisky Cutting. They are in close proximity to the face, and all the imperfections will be noticeable. If you’re unsure of what you can do, cut the length literally to a millimetre. It’s better to work a little longer than one careless move to ruin the whole hairstyle. Whisky is either braided or straight (the latter is more common). If a man wears a beard, the line between it and whisky should not be too clear. Smooth transition looks better.

Learning how to do that hair is pretty easy. The main thing is not to rush and take into account the described rules of the model male haircut step by step. One more thing concerns the bangs. Some men wear a semi box with a small bang. It will need to cut with scissors, lifting strand by strand and neatly equal length. But we advise against making bangs if your hair is curly! Curly guys look better without bangs. At the end, carefully draw the hair growth line with scissors. If the hair growth line of a man’s neck is very low, the neck can be slightly shaved. But never use this technique if you cut off your son, not your husband. Shaving a teenage boy’s neck can provoke premature – and even unnecessary – growth of hard hair in this area. Here are all the basic rules that will help you learn how to cut men’s hair with a machine.

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