Men’s hygiene. 30 tips for men’s hygiene

You wanna be handsome? You don’t have to be young and handsome to look great. It is important to take care of yourself and your appearance regularly. If you’re a man, it doesn’t mean you have to look and smell like the last surviving savage. It’s better to look like a fancy dandy than the last slob. Do you like well-groomed chicks who are perfect? Girls have a thing for men’s looks, too.

Surrounders are better at people who watch themselves. Always met by their attractive looks. Do you want to look great? Take care of yourself. How do you take care of a man’s face? How do you take care of your body, skin, hair and health? It’s important to take some hygiene tips as an inviolable rule.

You’ll look better, younger and more attractive. It will affect your quality of life and your relationship with girls. “You should always look good. Even if the ones you want to look good for are far away. “Even if you don’t want to look good. Even if you want to die and bury yourself. Looking good is a duty.” Willem Defo Men’s Hygiene Men’s Hygiene. 30 tips for men.

1. Always wash my hands and face with soap when you come off the street. It’ll make your skin cleaner and healthier.

2. Update your wardrobe to always look great. It’ll make you look more respectable in the eyes of others.

3. Take a shower or a bath every day. Everyone.

4. Brush your teeth in the morning after breakfast and before bed. After meals, mouth or teeth brush.

5. Socks and underwear are changed daily. Shirts, T-shirts and pants as needed. But not too rarely.

6. Use night cream before bed to stay young for longer. Don’t be afraid to buy men’s cosmetics. It will always make you look great. Men’s hygiene. 30 tips on men’s hygiene

7. Shave your armpit hair. It will reduce the smell of sweat and also make it more attractive.

8. Change the bed linen every week.

9. Cut your nails short regularly to avoid dirt under your nails.

10. Clean every week with the help of a powerful vacuum cleaner, not forgetting about wet cleaning.

11. A contrast shower is good for your skin, hardening your body and hair condition.

12. Buy shampoo and shower gel separately, not one complex.

13. Floss will improve the condition of teeth and gums.

14. Choose a haircut that’s right for you, not the one Mom used to make when she was a kid. Men’s hygiene. 30 tips on men’s hygiene

15. Use a face and body scrub once a week.

16. Mine or wash your shoes that tend to accumulate dirt, sweat and smell.

17. Air the room every day, especially before bed and in the morning.

18. Intimate hygiene is essential. It is recommended that you wash your penis twice a day, pulling flesh and ass.

19. There’s no point in showering and then washing with a dirty towel. Wash them once a week.

20. Take care of your hair in the groin and clean up the extra so it’s neat and intimate.

21. Check for bumps, redness, acne. It could be a sign of illness.

22. Brush yellow plaque off your tongue and upper mouth with a toothbrush.

23. Wipe your phone with soap to avoid a million bacteria on it.

24. Pick out cotton underwear that doesn’t tighten or pull the testicles up.

25. When urinating, squeeze your penis slightly at the base, then use a tissue to remove any residual urine.

26. When you wash, remember to wash the navel, ears, penis head and other hard-to-reach areas of the body.

27. Visit the dentist every six months. Take a physical once a year. This will allow you to find out the problems early on. Don’t be afraid of doctors, be afraid of diseases.

28. Remove excess hair on your face, nose, ears and other places.

29. the antiperspirant keeps you from sweating during the day, and the slight smell of toilet water will add charm. 30. Do your sports regularly. Sport will make you beautiful, confident and sexy. Men’s hygiene.

30. tips for men’s hygiene. And what tips for men’s hygiene are you following? It’s better to look like a fancy dandy than the last slob and grey mediocrity. Do you want to be handsome?