Men’s issue: the most fashionable men’s haircuts 2023

Specially for you not to miss any novelties and important trends from the world of men’s hairstyles, we asked stylists from SalonSecret to tell you about the fashionable haircuts for men in 2023 and what are the best and current ideas that made their way to the top of the best hairstyles for men.


Novelties and trends in men’s haircuts 2023

Fashionable men’s haircuts 2023 on short hair

Photos of popular variants of men’s haircuts 2023 for medium and long hair

Top 5 tips for men’s haircuts in 2023

Men’s Hair Care

How to choose a haircut for a man?

New items and trends in men’s haircuts in 2023

Men’s haircuts have long since ceased to fit into the blurred definition of “me easier and shorter”! Today, the variety of boy model haircuts almost as many as solutions for girls. And this trend intensified: Men’s haircuts 2023 become even more brutal, youthful and unusual!

It’s a fact: eternal youth is trending again. For several years in a row, men’s haircuts are becoming more and more eccentric, bright and … young! Stylists do not allow the dull outlines of hair to return to fashion, inventing new and new solutions for fashionable men’s haircuts 2023. In Russia, masters of scissors and trimmers note another curious trend in men’s haircuts 2023 – softness of lines.

Fashionable men’s haircuts 2023 have become more “feminine”. Of course not all, but the trend is outlined. Men have started to cut their hair short and grow it relatively long, and I think that’s cool. Plus, with a base like that, you can use our professional skills to create something stylish.

The experts at SalonSecret are confident that every fashionable men’s haircut for 2023 will include the following elements:

shortened or shaved temples,

Bangs either angled or not,

Shorter or shaved hair at the nape of the neck,

Sloppy lines,


Visible length variations within a single haircut.

As you can see, all these signs of fashionable men’s haircuts 2023 together form something incredibly dynamic and bright – inherent only in youth and recklessness. Salon masters easily incorporate such details into any modern haircut, instantly making its owner younger and more attractive.

Fashionable Men’s Haircuts 2023 for Short Hair

The old favorite way – just shave your head – has long since become a thing of the past! Even the shortest male haircuts 2023 are becoming more and more unusual and original, emphasizing the individual features of their owners.

Crop (Caesar)

The practical and very easy to style cropped hair displaces from the Olympus of men’s haircuts 2023 more complicated in every sense undercut. The cropped cut is easy to style: apply a pea-sized amount of modeling pomade to the strands, then comb through them with a comb with sparse teeth. First diagonally from the right side of the nape to the left side of the forehead and then vice versa. You’ll get a stylish textured pattern.

Boxing and half-boxing

Boxing and half-boxes have become even more colorful. The difference between the lengths becomes more evident, and craftsmen are inventing additional ways to enhance the character of the owner of a fashionable men’s haircut: for example, by shaving unusual patterns on the back of the head.

Military British

In 2023, the most popular variation of British men’s hairstyle will be a brutal military version: a short layered bangs, a short-cut nape and a pronounced parting. Well, stylists have staked on the most manly and practical model – with such a haircut it is convenient both in the office and at the gym. It seems that now the men’s haircut 2023 british as never before justifies its name.


A relative of the brit, but with smoother transitions from level to level – these are the hallmarks of this trendy men’s haircut. 2023 spared the main features of the hairstyle by adding a trendy side-swept bangs to the main one!

Undercut with a parting

The fashionable haircut for men in 2023 will get a pronounced parting, dividing the two shores – long strands and very short. It looks stylish and even a bit menacing: a good option for confident guys!

Photo with popular variants of men’s haircuts 2023 on medium and long hair

If you are not the shy type and you are not stopped by such difficulties as daily styling in front of the mirror, welcome to our selection of the most fashionable and stylish haircut trends 2023 for medium and long hair!


In the mid-“noughties,” the mullet was disparagingly referred to as the American farmer’s haircut. But British musician David Bowie can’t be suspected of belonging to the Ozark hillbillies, and he wore a mullet when he was Ziggy Stardust. Cut the hair in the parietal zone shorter and grow the strands of the lower part of the occiput longer – that’s the whole secret of the haircut. Stylist Andrey Mashyanov emphasizes that in its current version the mullet may look very natural, but still it is not always appropriate. If your life is a solid business lunches and negotiations, the mullet may become an unjustified image risk.

Man Bun

This trendy haircut for men is already considered quite provocative, so the stylists were not enough, and for 2023 they chose the most daring variation of it – Top Knot. Here the shaved temples and the maximal lengthened crown are in vogue, and the ponytail or knot is made at the very top for all to see.

First create volume in the parietal area with a hair dryer and a spray (High Amplify Wonder Boost by Matrix, VolumeBloom by Biolage, Volumetry by L’Oréal Pro and some other products that we describe below provide great volume). Then tie the strands into a high knot and secure with a small silicone rubber band to match your hair color.


A short crown, voluminous nape, bangs back or sideways – that’s the fashionable haircut Havroche 2023! In order not to miscalculate, ask the master to profile strands at temples and not to spare volume in the back: asymmetry and dynamics of haircut will make you the most fashionable guy in town.

Long bob

A win-win option for those who want to be in trend, but at the same time not to have difficulties with styling! Men’s haircut elongated bob in 2023 is performed in a very democratic manner: the long bangs are stacked sideways, and the rest of the hair can depict a creative mess.


For Elvis fans, the men’s pompadour haircut returns to fashion in 2023. Just don’t forget that the difference between a very voluminous top and very short temples should not only be palpable – it should be eye-catching.


For some reason, it is believed that a square cut is exclusively a woman’s haircut. What about Johnny Depp? What about Keanu Reeves? And Robert Pattinson, after all? In short, pay attention: in 2023, the male haircut should be slightly below the earlobes, asymmetrical, without bangs or with bangs sideways.

Top 5 tips for styling men’s hair in 2023

Almost every male hairstyle that is fashionable in 2023 needs at least minimal styling – except, perhaps, boxing and half-boxes. To save time in front of the mirror and get great results at the same time, use the tips from our stylists!

For an active lifestyle – iron styling

Not every styling product can withstand a full workout at the gym or an hour of morning jogging. Hair crumples under a motorcycle helmet, gets frizzy in the humidity on board a yacht, and loses its shape when you’re playing paintball. How do you stay stylishly handsome in extreme conditions? Stock up on 2023 Men’s Hair Styler with high hold.

Try to style on clean hair

Clean hair makes any style look better, at least because of the natural volume, which disappears after a while after shampooing.

Don’t strive for a sleek, sleek style

Smooth, glued-down hairstyles are no longer in vogue in men’s hairstyles in 2023! It’s better to use wax instead of gel when styling – it will help texture your hair and make it more dynamic.

Don’t neglect the finishing spray

It needs very little to make your hair easy and relaxed to hold its shape until late in the evening.

Any style will look better on healthy, well-groomed hair. Here’s what Redken Brews barbers recommend for real men who don’t want to spend too much time on grooming.

A firming treatment for fine, voluminous hair

Today’s products can do wonders. And some of them create a decent amount of volume literally on the plane. For example, Redken Brews Thickening Shampoo, with its invigorating mint and ginger scent, lets you walk out of the shower a completely different person, or at least a person with completely different hair. The product instantly makes them denser and visually thicker.

This effect can be turned on maximum with the Instant Thickening spray, a leave-in care that does not stick or weigh down the strands, but on the contrary, gives them absolutely natural, but noticeable volume and opulence by thickening the hair structure, nourishing and moisturizing it from root to tip.

Against dandruff

No matter how great your style is, dandruff can ruin your style. Rely on the gentle cleansing formula of Anti-Dandruff Shampoo to gently remove dirt and sebum without itching or flaking. What’s more, it eases the discomfort of a scalp with seborrhea symptoms.

Care for every day

The experts at SalonSecret praise Redken Brews Daily Shampoo, ideal for daily use: the malt and protein-based formula helps keep hair in flawless condition.

How to choose a haircut man?

Choosing a fashionable haircut 2023 is only half the battle: it is important that the hairstyle suits you, emphasizing the benefits of appearance and neatly masking minor imperfections. And, of course, it must remain versatile and season-appropriate. Specially for making your choice more conscious, we asked SalonSecret’s stylists to tell you the basic principles of men’s hairstyle selection 2023.

Face shape

Oval: any haircut will do, but try to avoid too elongated proportions – long straight strands on the sides will distort the perfect shape of your face.

Round: you need a haircut that visually elongates the proportions. This can be achieved by using sharp angles, a voluminous crown or asymmetrical lines.

Rectangular: in order not to elongate the face choose haircuts with bangs, concealing a high forehead, and with approximately equal volumes on the top and sides.

Square: cut hair with a rounded shape, with bangs around the cheekbones and cheekbones to soften the shape of the face.

Triangular: it is important to mask the difference in width of the upper and lower parts of the face, so choose haircuts with voluminous tops and elongated bangs.

Hair structure

Curly: your option is all layered and intricate haircuts that “thin out” the hair, removing excess volume and chaos.

Wavy: opt for cascading options and play with length variations to emphasize the beauty of your hair.

Straight and stiff: any classic men’s haircuts are at your disposal.

Thin and sparse: the main rule is not to choose haircuts that involve elongated strands, especially if they are slicked back.

Straight and soft: opt for layered and voluminous haircuts, but say no to back-slicked haircuts.

There are lots of trendy haircuts for men in 2023! Have you decided on one for yourself?