Men’s jewelry: what to choose, how to wear

When choosing jewelry, you need to consider the permissibility of their use and compatibility with a variety of clothing styles. Otherwise you will look “ridiculous” or even ridiculous. Here are some useful tips that will help you to choose the right jewelry and to combine it in your image.


If you’re just going to transform your image with jewelry, then start with the most popular and basic – a wristwatch.

If you do not know what to choose, pay attention to the classic models – they have a discreet design and a standard dial. Their main advantage is that they go well with both casual and business style.

The classic solution – a leather strap in black or brown and a steel case.

After a while, you can pick up special watches for official meetings, sports, creative events – depending on taste.

Accessories for your own taste are easy to find both in shopping malls and in online stores.

The right combinations:

1.For strict formal wear, only classic watches

2. For casual loose-fitting clothes you can use a watch of your taste – sports watches, watches with precious stones, classic watches, special watches for divers and mountaineers, etc.

3. Avoid classic models if you are a fan of sportswear style. Here better suit the special accessories for fitness, crossfit, mountain climbing and so on.

4. In the warm season wear white straps, in the cold – classic black or gray straps.

5. Buy models of expensive brand manufacturers, only with a lot of experience in using a wristwatch under your belt.

6. The eccentric and overly flashy models will be the best solution for creative evenings and only.


Although this accessory is in abundance in any bijouterie shop, but men do not always choose it as a component of the closet. Therefore, with a high probability bracelet will attract to you the proper attention.

What are they:

1.Bracelets made of leather. Predominantly they are worn by young people under 30, especially popular with surfers and athletes.

2. Lace bracelets. Because of their relatively low cost, they are often worn by young people. They can be made with a solid material or with the addition of small metal or wooden ornaments.

3. Beads. Often made like a rosary and can include precious stones, metal, leather, wood, gold and silver parts.


The main difference between men’s earrings and women’s earrings is their design and consistency. Men’s earrings have a pronounced geometric outline, are sometimes massive, the number of decorative elements in them is reduced to a minimum and have an enlarged base for the insert.

Men’s earrings are often designed with straight or broken lines, cells with bands, but not with smooth curves. The most common materials of these accessories are copper, gold, silver and steel.

Coatings added to the design of men’s earrings:




Gold plating

Rings – how much and how to wear

This jewelry is becoming more and more popular among men, as in many ways it is an elite accessory. The more expensive and elegant a ring or signet ring is, the more respectable a man looks in any society.

To find high-quality rings for men, rings and rings is difficult, so the best solution is to go to specialized online stores or to a professional jeweler.

Popular questions:

How many rings can I wear at one time?

How to wear rings?

Chains, pendants and necklaces

If you want to decorate your business image with these accessories, then the best option would be a discreet pendant of standard size or a classic chain made of metal. And the more modest, the better.

If you still have pendants, chains and necklaces of extravagant and bright design, then they should be left for meetings with friends, dates, vacations, etc.

Specifically with the help of a pendant a man can easily emphasize his world-view, individuality and philosophical views. The most popular pendants and chains:

Army medallion – in most cases has a rectangular shape and contains the data of the serviceman.
Pendant-mascot. Its symbolic meaning is to guard the owner from evil forces and spirits, or even trouble.
Crosses. The most common pendants among supporters of Christianity and ordinary fans of bijouterie
Transformers – a solution for daredevils. Such accessories are able to change shape and even fold into words.


Cufflinks are used to fasten the cuff of a classic shirt. Nowadays cufflinks are almost always used for the traditional business style and almost never for everyday life, on holidays, family gatherings etc.

Cufflinks can be made of both simple metal – silver, copper, bronze – and of precious stones and bright diamonds. For formal wear it is recommended to use the traditional laconic standard design, and for banquets and creative evenings are allowed bright products of all sizes and models.

The most common types of cufflinks:

1.Bullet Black Cufflinks are the most popular and easiest to use. They are a cylinder (bullet) of standard dimensions, which is placed between the bars and rotated a quarter turn, thus securing the shirt cuff.

2. Fixed Backing Cufflink. Absolutely fixed, unlike the previous type, thus more difficult to use. The main advantage of Fixed Backing Cufflinks is a reliable stability in the buttonhole, which allows to forget about the possible loss.

3. Ball Return Cufflink is a more extravagant solution. They are available both on a chain and fully fixed. Design of the cufflinks appearance can vary, but the back side always keeps its spherical shape.

4. Locking Cufflink is a modern model with fastening as a hinge. They are fastened on the principle of locking. These cufflinks are available in various designs, from classic to jewel-encrusted. A further advantage is the double locking system which ensures an extremely secure hold on the cuff.

Tie Clip

As the name suggests, it is designed to fasten a tie to a shirt. The accessory can say a lot about a man’s profession, income and even political views.

You should not use the clip too high or low. The ideal is in the center of the chest, creating a 90 degree angle to the tie, and parallel to the floor. Relative to the shirt, the clip should be positioned between 3 and 5 buttons.

It can be made of copper, silver or gold as well as classic metals. The best choice for men will be a stainless steel clip – a combination of classic and understated.

Do not forget that the product must be in harmony with the suit and cufflinks, as these products are sold as a set.


1.The clothespin. Externally, the clip is similar to the usual clothespin and has a similar principle of action. The serrated side is attached to the shirt, and the front side is perpendicular to the tie. Great for classic ties made of thick material.

2. Clamp with a chain. The oldest kind of a product. Because of its special style, the chain is attached to the button, just above the accessory. Such a decoration has always emphasized the status and special preferences of a man.

3. Clip. In this form, both sides of the clip are smooth, respectively, the reliability of fixing the order is weaker than in the previous types, so this type should be worn on thin ties of light materials.

What is the right way to wear men’s jewelry?

Quantity. It is necessary to avoid wearing a huge amount of jewelry at the same time, otherwise all the attention will be attracted to them, not you. The task of the items is to adorn the owner, and the owner should not be a showcase for accessories.

The best option is no more than three pieces of jewelry at a time. Classic matching options:

1.Cufflinks, tie clip, watch

2. Watches, up to three rings, bracelet

3. Earrings, pendant, watch

4. Chain, rings, bracelet

And remember – less is better than more!

Appropriateness. In addition to wearing the optimal amount of jewelry, you should consider their appropriateness with each other depending on the situation.

There is no need to use cufflinks or a tie clip if you are going out with friends to a bar or relaxing in nature. Similarly, avoid wearing earrings, several rings or a necklace at the same time if you are working in business or going to a business meeting.

It is also inappropriate to use a large number of pieces at family dinners and in the home. The only exception anywhere and always is an engagement ring.

Compatibility. The watch will be in harmony with absolutely all products. If you wear a bracelet, it is better to leave a chain, pendant or necklace at home, and vice versa. You should not wear the latter jewelry on top of each other, one piece is enough.

Rings are also appropriate with almost all products, and the best additions to the cufflinks and the tie clip are watches or standard-sized earrings.

If you want to express yourself with jewelry and to put them in the foreground – then wear clothes of neutral colors, such as a milk or white T-shirt and modest shades of pants or jeans.

In a classic version of bracelets and pendants must be in harmony with the clothes. If the accessories are made of leather, their color must be combined with other leather goods – handbags and belts. If the jewelry is made of metal – must be combined with the shade of the belt buckle, ideally the shade should be the same.


Decided to transform your style with jewelry – start with a watch.

Don’t wear more than three pieces of jewelry at a time, unless you’re attending a creative party.

Use classic accessories for work and business suits, leave the eye-catching jewelry for banquets and informal gatherings.

Jewelry should adorn the wearer, not the other way around. If you want to flash your jewelry in front of others, use discreet clothing.