Men’s manicure: how to do and features


How to do men’s manicure?

Types of manicure for men

Features of men’s manicure

Men’s manicure at home


Why should men do a manicure?


Hand and nail care includes not just hygienic treatment, but a whole range of measures to give your nails well-groomed. Such manipulations are necessary not only for women, but for men, especially those who, due to their professional activities, are constantly in the spotlight.

Men’s manicure is especially relevant for politicians in the arts and sciences, as well as high-level businessmen. Representatives of the male sex have been watching their hands for a long time. Even in ancient Egypt, pharaohs and courtiers watched the beauty of their hands, in ancient China emperors. The tradition of taking care of your own hands has long roots.

How to do a man’s manicure?

Regardless of the technology chosen by the client: edged or European, the procedure will be performed in stages:

Obligatory skin disinfection. Next, you need to soften and steam your hands in a moisturizing bath to make it easier to work with your nails. With the cutting technology, the cuticle is removed, and with the European manicure, the nails (cuticle) are not cut off, but gently pushed back with an orange stick. Processing directly on the nail bed. Sawing and shaping the nails. Polishing the surface of the nail. At the request of the client, a transparent varnish can be applied to strengthen the structure of the nail. Treating cuticle creams and oils to slow down cuticle growth. Allows light finger massage.

How long should men’s nails be?

This question is asked by men to a manicure master. It is desirable that the free edge should be within 1-2 mm. When this value becomes larger, the easiest way is to remove the excess with a nail file. But sometimes nail scissors or tweezers are used. It is necessary to file from the edges to the center and only in this way, otherwise it can lead to delamination and damage to the nail plate.

Types of manicure for men

Nail care for men has the following types:

Features of men’s manicure

Manicures for women and men are very similar to each other. However, when carrying out this procedure for the stronger sex, the following nuances must be taken into account:

Compared to women, men have a lower pain threshold, they feel pain more strongly, therefore, when working with sharp instruments, increased attention is needed so as not to damage the skin; Use in work modern materials with minimal gloss and odorless; Men’s nails are much tougher and thicker, so the procedure takes longer, from about 40 minutes to one and a half hours; In the men’s beauty salon, simultaneously with this procedure, they can also carry out a haircut and beard correction; The procedure is very simple and can be easily done at home.

Men’s manicure at home

Carrying out the procedure at home will not cause difficulties, for men, especially for his companions in life. Therefore, if there is no desire or time to visit a beauty salon, then following simple recommendations on how to do a man’s manicure at home:

We prepare the skin of the hands and fingers for manipulation, soften the nail plate in a bath with warm water and sea salt. All dirt around the edges of the entire nail bed is removed (if any). If necessary, all burrs and remnants of coarse skin are carefully cut with the help of tweezers. Using a wooden stick or a pusher (special spatula), the cuticle must be pushed back to the growth line of the nail plate. We remove the excess length of nails with a file (if the nail grows back by 2-3 mm), nippers or nail scissors (if the length is more than 3 mm). The cut edge is processed with a nail file. men’s nails are thicker and stronger, it is better to use a glass nail file with a coarse and coarse abrasive. Optionally, you can polish the surface of the nail with a buff, giving uniformity to the coating. Apply moisturizer and let it dry.


For home manicure you will need:

Special means for baths or sea salt, in extreme cases, replacement with ordinary soap is allowed; Manicure scissors or nippers; Pusher – a special tool at one end of which there is a scapula that fits the shape of a natural nail, in order to push back the cuticle, and on the other hand, the tool is sharpened for delicate removal of impurities; File (glass or ceramic, since metal damages the nail plate). The abrasive must be coarse and coarse; Baf – a manicure tool for surface polishing; Moisturizer or oil, with vitamins and nutrients.

Why should men do manicure?

The appearance of the hands for men is no less important than for women. Especially for some professions associated with constant communication and contact with people, for example, an artist, actor, businessman, politician, even a bank employee must have flawless hands. It also helps prevent: Burr formation on the fingers; The spread of the fungus; Deformation of the nail plates, and giving the correct shape. In addition, constantly carrying out such manipulations helps the healthy growth and strength of the nail plates.


Nail care for men has long been considered something out of the ordinary. Regardless of the profession and type of activity, range of interests, you can and should pay attention to the condition of the cuticles and nails. This will prevent injuries in the form of torn off hangnails, characterizes you as a neat person who values ​​not only aesthetics, but also his health.