Men’s piercings

Piercing is translated from English as “piercing,” but the modern concept includes not so much the process itself as a form of body decoration by fixing various kinds of ornaments in the hole.

Piercing is translated from English as “piercing”, but the modern concept includes not so much the process itself as a form of body decoration by fixing various kinds of ornaments in the hole. The most common type of piercing is the wearing of earrings, known as far back as the ancient Romans. However, and men did not lag behind women in their desire to express individuality, and it was always not the usual representatives of the male sex – pirates, aristocrats, politicians, servants of bohemia.

Male piercings

Everyone can make a modern piercing – if only they had money and desire. After all, the process is often quite painful, and the decoration itself requires the most thorough hygienic care. And yet the desire to stand out from the crowd encourages men of all ages to pierce in the most unexpected places.

Types of male piercings

Piercing or not to pierce – everyone decides for himself. However, if you did decide to make your appearance more unusual, then it is worth considering lifestyle, especially when decorating visible parts of the body. If a representative of creative professions (artists, rock musicians, barbers, etc.) is allowed almost everything, then for models, managers, civil servants too wide liberties in the change of appearance can have negative consequences for career growth.

Ears and eyebrows

The most common type is earlobe piercing. Small ornaments (rings, nails) can be seen in almost all social strata, but more massive ones (dumbbells, barbells, etc.), fixed in the cartilage of the ear, will be appropriate for a certain occupation or way of life.

There are several types of ear piercings:

Helix – the hole for the earring is made at the top of the cartilage or curl of the ear;

Industrial – two holes are tied together with a single piece of jewelry;

Tragus – the piercing of the goatee;

Classic – the earlobe is pierced.

Depending on the location of the piercing, the piercing can be called: antitragus, rook, snug, daith. Tunnel – step-by-step expansion of the hole to the desired size by inserting large-sized ornaments.

To decorate the eyebrows, you should use the services of specialized salons, where you will be given full information on the proper care.

Important! The most painless option is the piercing of the earlobe. The cartilage, as well as the brow areas, contain enough nerve endings, so the discomfort may continue after the puncture – for 3-4 weeks (period of complete healing).

Tongue and lips

One of the most dangerous types of piercings, because it can cause infection. In addition, the sensitivity of these parts of the body makes it the most painful, so few people dare to do it. Especially uncomfortable, as well as dangerous, is the tongue piercing, where the bar is inserted.

When decorating the lips, there are several variants of piercing:

Tunnel in the lip is a superficial lip piercing;

Frenulum piercing – a piercing of the inner part of the lip: upper (“smiley”) or lower (“anti-smiley”);

Labret – a piercing below the level of the teeth through the lower lip. Varieties – vertical and horizontal labret.

Nose, nasal septum

Nose Piercing

This type of piercing is the most common after the ear piercing. Most often it is resorted to by musicians, representatives of youth subcultures, extremists, etc. The most popular is the wearing of jewelry in the nostril: small rings or special earrings.

Nasal septum piercing (septum piercing) requires courage and cleanliness – the procedure is painful and more care is needed. The piercing should be performed only in a specialized salon.

The following types of nose piercings are also used:

Bridge – a piercing in the bridge of the nose (between the eyebrows or at eye level);

Nose Tip Piercing: from the inside to the tip;

Austin Bar – horizontal puncture of the soft tissue of the nasal tip;

Septum – a puncture is made through the septum opening to the lower nasal protrusion;

Nasallang – simultaneous horizontal piercing of the septum and both nostrils in the lower part of the nose.

For men, traditional piercings are limited to these three areas, although the female half manages to decorate literally every inch of their face: cheeks, forehead and even eyelids.

Exotic solutions

Nipple or navel piercings, etc. This also includes the implantation under the skin of metal plates and balls, the location of which can be in the most unexpected places.

In any case, skin punctures (and even more so the implantation), especially in the beginning, require strict compliance with hygiene standards: obligatory hand washing and treatment with antiseptics (Miramistin, Chlorhexidine).

Choose a suitable jewelry after weighing the pros and cons and use only professionals – in this case your piercing will be a weighty accessory, emphasizing the image.