Men’s scent: understanding men’s perfumes, colognes and eau de toilette

A man should smell nice. That’s why perfumes for men are not so rare. Near a man from whom a pleasant fragrance emanates, it is good to be around, and not only women, but also colleagues at work. Men usually prefer to use cologne, although many do not think about what it is and how it differs from perfume or toilet water.

Varieties of men’s perfumes

All perfumes are based on essential oils dissolved in alcohol, and the difference between them lies in the percentage of these oils:

Perfumes contain the maximum amount of perfume oils, 20-30%, and the base is 90% alcohol. And there is no such thing as a man’s perfume. There you go.

Perfumed water, or toilette perfume (French for eau de parfum or parfum de toilette) contains 15-20% oils in an alcohol solution. This, too, mostly women’s products, although there are men’s as well.

Toilet water (Eau de Toilette) contains from 4 to 10% of oils. Men often use this type of perfume. The stability of the fragrance – up to two hours.

Cologne (Eau de Cologne or “Cologne water”) contains only 3-5% oils dissolved in 70% alcohol.

Refreshing water, or Eau de Sport, with 1-3% fragrance content, is more like a light deodorant, mostly for people engaged in sports. About the same number of perfumes contain lotions, but they do not serve to create a fragrance, their task is to moisturize the skin.

What to choose for a man

So, we determined that the man is best suited to cologne or perfume, but here’s what fragrance to choose from a huge variety – a delicate matter. Perfume should be suitable for a man, complement his image, in addition, it is desirable to use different perfumes in different circumstances:

For work in a team of men, business meetings, conversations with partners, more suitable wood-amber, pepper or apple scents, they are a sign of strong, successful people and can help to dispose to yourself men – your companions. Notes of tobacco will emphasize the love of independence.

For sports and leisure with friends, it’s better to use the sea scents or citrus, they symbolize relaxation and provide self-confidence.

For a date with your lover, you need aromas that can serve as aphrodisiacs, attractive-sweet, such as cardamom, mandarin, jasmine, cloves – they will attract the attention of women to you.

The best brands in men’s perfumes

Of course, it is better to use colognes belonging to famous brands: they have a more refined fragrance and better staying power. Here are examples that can be guided by:

“Fahrenheit” (Fahrenheit) by Christian Dior with a woody-eastern scent is a classic men’s perfume with increased persistence.

Dior Homme is a perfume with bright notes of wood and aromatic herbs.

Terre d’Hermes creates a bright, unusual, bold and spicy fragrance with orange, white cedar and pelargonium.

Allure Homme Sport by Chanel, fresh and spicy, with hints of citrus and wood, pepper and musk. For brutal men it helps to add elegance to the image.

Blue Label by Givenchy with its mix of sea surf and oriental spices is suitable for daring and determined men.

Giorgio Armani’s Acqua di Gio is a popular citrusy fresh scent.

Often, a suitable perfume for men is chosen by a woman. First, the sense of smell in women is better developed, and they feel the subtleties of scents. And secondly, it is beloved woman will have most to enjoy the selected fragrance. So in order to entrust the choice of cologne to his beloved, there is a certain sense.