Men’s skin care

Which of the men thinks about the skin until wrinkles envelop the whole face and are chewed up by deep scars? Men aren’t used to caring for their skin, so they start thinking about it too late. How do you look beautiful, fresh and young? Skincare can add appeal and freshness to your skin, but it can also reduce the number of years. We all want to be beautiful, healthy and young. But for the first ten years we don’t even think about the fact that our skin needs care. Women buy a lot of cosmetics, and we always laugh about it. Although, what makes male skin so different from female skin? There are differences, but they are not so cardinal.

As a result, men only use pre and post shave creams, which is definitely not enough. Men’s skin is also exposed to the sun, wind, climate and aging. Men’s skin has more sebaceous glands, which cause clogged pores and increased sweating. That’s why it’s important for men to monitor their skin condition, not ignore it. Otherwise, it is possible to look very bad and old. How will you look at the meeting of your classmates or classmates? How will you look in everyday life? It’s your choice.

What does basic skin care look like for men?

1. Daily face wash should be washed no more than 2 times a day, so as not to remove the natural protective layer on the skin. Always wash in the morning to wash away excess fat accumulated overnight. After coming home, you should also wash to remove the dirt that has accumulated during the day. This will avoid unnecessary pimples and skin problems. Get used to washing not only your hands when you come home, but also your face. Your face is also full of dirt and germs. Wash your face. These are the basics of hygiene.

2. Using facial cream Male skin is different from female skin, but this does not mean that it does not require care. All cosmetic brands have special lines for men’s skin. Daily apply the night cream before bed, immediately after washing your face. This will nourish the skin and keep it in good condition. It is possible to apply a little cream from the very morning, using a day cream. In any case it is better to use any cream than none. The difference between a cheap cream for women or men is not as great as ignoring it. Moisturizing will keep the skin supple, making it soft and pleasant, as well as freeing it from the feeling of tightness and dryness.

3. Weekly skin cleansing To keep the skin healthy and young, you should use a scrub. After bathing or showering use a special scrub. It allows to remove the top layer of the epidermis, which is already dead. Exfoliation cleans clogged pores with accumulated dirt and sebaceous secretions. Thanks to the weekly cleansing, the skin will breathe and refresh faster. This treatment is necessary to maintain a fresh and young appearance.

4. Facial cleansing or peeling Often there are pimples, black dots or other defects on the face. Use special cleansing lotions, masks or creams that will keep your face in order. They normalize the skin by pulling out dirt and toxins. You should do this once a week. But if the skin is problematic, you should use lotions, masks or creams more often. Men’s skin care may not go as planned. When nothing helps, you should visit a dermatologist, who will solve the skin problems.

5. Watch the skin around the eyes Around the eyes, the skin is thinner and more delicate, resulting in early wrinkles. The use of a special eye cream helps maintain youthfulness. It is possible to use even a regular cream, for lack of special cream. This care will avoid bags and dark circles under the eyes. The skin around the eyes is the Achilles’ heel of many people.

6. Use a facial tonic Use a special tonic that improves the circulation of the skin, making it healthier, fresher, firmer and younger. Wipe your face with a facial tonic so that men’s skin is toned.

7. Use a good razor We often save on new machines or a good electric razor. As a result, your skin looks irritated when we torture it for a long time. Use a good razor, not a good one. You’ll be surprised to notice that a good shave can be a pleasure.

8. Lead a healthy lifestyle All our problems, depressions and bad habits are put off on our faces. Do not consume excessive alcohol, do not smoke, and avoid crappy food. It is important to sleep and rest, so as not to let wrinkles appear earlier. Lead a healthy lifestyle, do not worry about trifles and enjoy life more often. Otherwise, wrinkles will furrow your face, and huge and unhealthy bags will appear under your eyes. Do you want to look always beautiful, fresh, young and hot? Take care of your skin and don’t let it get old before the time. Men’s skin care is not a whim or a fashion trend, but an absolute necessity.