Men’s socks – current trends

Stylists claim that men’s socks are one of the attributes that can not only complement or complete a common bow, but also set a certain style. Today, their role in the closet has changed significantly, transforming from an absolutely utilitarian addition to the thing that can make a full-fledged statement with its appearance.

The most fashionable trends of recent years are color and print models, which help to express your own individuality or send a nonverbal message to others.

The most popular socks are of the following kind:

bright colored monochrome socks;

with abstract drawings;

striped or polka dot socks;

with cartoon characters or cult movies;

with the image of animals and owls.

The socks are like cherries on a cake: not the main one, but they create a certain mood.

Noticeable socks are a trend or a classic style.

In the distant past, there is a dull black and white range in the tone of shoes. Today, everyone who wants to look fashionable should have in their arsenal several pairs of colored socks, as well as models with unusual patterns.

Current male trends when choosing this accessory are as follows:

From the color range of clothes, tie or shoes;

take bright colored models to a suit of neutral tones;

“echo” the color of the fittings: shoelaces, bracelet, watch strap, etc.;

choose a pattern similar to that of a shirt, breastplate, sweater or clothing texture.

The king in the art of wearing nontrivial socks can be considered Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, who selects each pair according to the theme of the business meeting or “encrypts” some political message. Even the term “sock diplomacy” has appeared. Thus, on the occasion of a large-scale gay parade in Toronto, the politician put on socks in the rainbow LGBT print.

In the absence of a strict dress code in the office you can start with monochrome color models. Then try the small usual colors (peas or “goose’s foot”), and then boldly move on to bright socks in the style of “happy socks”.

And some more tips from stylists:

white socks with black shoes – a violation of the business dress code;

shorts are worn without socks, at least with very short socks;

the ideal color for sports socks is white;

topsiders, moccasins and sandals are better to wear barefoot;

in summer with sneakers and sneakers, it is advisable to use the shortest socks or tracks, or very high golf.

Now it is clear that men’s socks are gradually moving into the category of status detail, such as a watch or tie. And this is a weighty argument to get yourself a new stylish pair!