Men’s style: 11 basic things you always forget about

When you find your own style, life becomes easier. You already know what suits you and how to make the right images with these clothes. If you are still looking, here are a few topical tips. We’ll tell you what the masculine style is made up of and how to always look with a needle.

Men’s closet is not as diverse as a woman’s. Most of them are different variations of pants, shirts, shirts and jackets. In addition, men usually buy less clothes. But even with a small number of items, you can make stylish images. The main thing is to stockpile a good base, to which later you can add new details. We have already written, what things are included in the basic men’s closet. Today, we will tell you about the important components of the style, which are persistently ignored by many of the strongest sex.

Clear skin

Perfect appearance begins with the most important – grooming. With healthy and radiant skin. The male epidermis has its own characteristics. But just like the female epidermis, it needs care. In addition, you can’t hide rashes or dark circles under your eyes with decorative cosmetics. So do not ignore the running cosmetics. Purchase a wash foam, lotion and cream that are suitable for your skin type, and do not forget to use them.

Successful hairstyle

Hair styling will help to emphasize the attractiveness of the face. You need to find a haircut that really suits you. And do not be lazy to go to the hairdresser at least once a month. The same applies to facial hair. Let go of a fashionable beard, shave clean or walk with light bristles – the choice is yours. But do not forget to clean up your vegetation regularly in order to avoid an unattended appearance.

However, we warn you immediately: do not try to mask a noticeable baldness or let go of your beard, if your hair grows unevenly. This is a useless exercise. If the gap in the hair cover embarrasses you, it’s better to shave on bald. This brutal style suits many men.


The fact that you need to use deodorant daily is obvious. But what if you add an interesting perfume to it? You’ll be surprised how the new pleasant fragrance will affect your image.

Business suit

What kind of clothing you would not prefer in normal life, to work in the office or at official events will have to wear a suit. In your closet should be at least one well-fitting suit of two. Even if you do not have a strict dress code at work, business meetings and social events still happen periodically. Therefore, it is better not to save money and buy one in which you will look worthy at a meeting, and at the wedding of friends, and at the theater.

These should be pants and a jacket made of high quality fabric, sitting on the figure, with no visible decorative details. Choose the basic colors; gray, black, blue. If you want to stretch out your height a little and seem thinner, you need the darkest shades. The right jacket fits perfectly on the shoulder line. When you move, there are no folds on your back. A man in a simple but elegant classic cut jacket always looks very attractive. It is convenient that it can be worn not only with pants, but also with regular jeans.


Under the suit you will be wearing a shirt. Therefore, buy some successful models in advance so that you can wear them one by one. A classic office shirt should be lighter than a jacket and without prints. It is very important to buy things by size. Be sure to measure them and watch how they sit. The perfect shirt does not stiffen the movement. Its sleeves do not go beyond the beginning of the palm, and there is free space between the collar and neck approximately in the finger. Also note that the shirt should look no more than 2 centimeters from under the jacket.


Be sure to pick up a beautiful tie to your business image. It should end at the belt line of pants.

Men’s underwear

It also has to be stylish and beautiful. And, of course, comfortable. Give preference to natural fabrics and neutral shades. Decide on the size and the preferred model, and buy several pairs at once.

Shoes for all occasions

If you walk around in the same shoes every day, give up this habit. For each occasion, you need a different pair. In the office and at events – elegant shoes on a thin sole. For a walk around the city will fit shoes (they are now combined with almost everything), sneakers or boots on a thick sole. Such a pair will be useful for you during country trips. During a hike, shoes are rough, massive shoes in the militaristic style, they are very comfortable for long walks on the road. On the beach, it will be most convenient to wear flip-flops.


At any time of year it is worth saving your eyes from bright sunlight. In addition, it is a very stylish accessory. Among the great variety of shapes and colors, you will surely find a pair that will emphasize your face.

Clothes for the beach

In the city you will be more comfortable in clothes in the style of Cajual. And for the resort it is better to buy some free things from light fabrics. They can be bright, colorful. For example, long swimsuits-shorts and an open shirt. They can also be worn at the gym.


Men can also wear beautiful jewelry. Of course, if you are not a creative profession, the abundance of pendants, rings and bracelets together with a business suit will look inappropriate. But stylish expensive watches and neat ring are always in place.

Never ignore these details. Then you will always look your best. If you have any difficulties with the selection of clothes, do not be lazy to ask your wife, girlfriend or sister for help. The look from the outside and the advice of a person who understands fashion, will help you find the necessary things. And even when you find the perfect haircut, perfume and combination of things, do not be afraid to change your image. Sometimes it is necessary for everyone to do it just to feel the new pleasant emotions.