Men’s style: how to choose the right shirt

Rare men’s look is without a shirt. And for good reason, because this article of clothing suits gentlemen. But do you know how to choose the right size shirt? Sometimes it’s not an easy task. What to look for before buying a branded men’s shirt? Fashion blog’s simple fashion guide will allow you to make the right choice. You’ll also learn how to distinguish a classic shirt from a sporty or casual one.

How to choose a shirt – check 5 parameters

Collar, shoulders, sleeves, width and length are the main aspects to pay attention to when choosing a shirt. Let’s walk through in order.

Collar. A collar that is too loose is just as bad as one that is too tight. There is a rule known to all gentlemen: between the neck and the buttoned collar should fit two fingers. But be careful with fabrics that shrink or stretch after washing. Take this fact into account when choosing a size.

Shoulders. Here everything is simple. The seams should go where the shoulders and arms join. If they are higher – the shirt is small, if lower – big. So try it on.

Sleeves. The optimal length is up to the beginning of the thumb joint. Even when you bend the elbow, the wrist should not be too exposed.

Width. Avoid two extremes. The first is that when buttoned, the buttons barely hold up the shelves of the shirt. The second – huge creases formed on the sides, which are especially visible when tucked in.

Length. If you tuck your shirt in, it shouldn’t come out of your pants when you sit, bend over, or raise your arms. At the same time – too long a shirt can also ruin the look. So choose the golden mean – look at the photo, what is the ideal length.

Classic or casual – the main differences in men’s shirt styles

A classic shirt is worn with business suits or pants.

Casual or sporty – looks better with jeans.

Can you tell one from the other at a glance? Here are the top tips.

Differences between classic and sport shirts

A few style tips

A sports shirt is most often worn loose.

Tuck up the sleeves if you want to create a looser look. But this applies only to casual clothing.

A tie is not obligatory even for a classic shirt. Naturally, if you are not invited to an event with the appropriate dress code.

The preferred fabric is cotton. It is soft, easy to care for and will not shrink if used properly.

Classic shirt should be worn on the bare body. A T-shirt is acceptable only in a sports variant, if it is in harmony with the color of the shirt.

Do not skimp on the shirt. The cheap version has buttons made of plastic, while the good model has buttons made of expensive materials and even mother-of-pearl.

Under the tuxedo it is better to wear a silk shirt.

P.S. Now you know how to choose a men’s branded shirt that will fit you perfectly. Classic and sports shirts models, which you see in the photo, you can buy in the catalog of the online store Ordering here is really convenient, because before buying you can try on the shirt at home and check it according to the five above-mentioned parameters.