Men’s summer shoes: tips and trends

For men comfortable high-quality shoes – not just a tribute to fashion, but an urgent need at any time of year. Especially in summer, when we walk more often. Today we will tell you about the main types of men’s shoes for summer, as well as share the nuances of its selection.

In our latitudes, the summer weather is changeable. It can be quite cool in the morning, a thunderstorm in the afternoon, and very stuffy in the evening. With clothes is easier – you can bring a light jacket and an umbrella. But the shoes, as a rule, to change during the day is not possible.

But you always want the shoes to be comfortable, appropriate, suitable for the outfit. And if we make allowances for the office dress code, to pick the ideal pair becomes even more difficult.

Let’s try to figure out what, where and with what to wear in the summer.


Summer shoes should be such that the foot can breathe. Otherwise, you can get blisters or get fungus. And the shoes themselves will acquire a persistent unpleasant smell, which is difficult to remove. Of course, in flip-flops is never hot feet, but they are not always appropriate.

Closed shoes can also be “breathable” if made of the right materials. This can be a textile (fabric), leather or suede.

Shoes decorated with perforations, fabric or mesh inserts will also allow the skin of the feet to breathe.

A fully closed pair made of artificial materials is a bad choice for a hot summer day, especially if you plan to walk a lot. It will create a greenhouse effect, which will not add to your comfort.



Strict dress code in the office or at a party suggests summer shoes. They do not differ from models for other seasons, except that the materials should be chosen lightweight and natural. Remember that the feet should breathe.

If you’ll get a pair of light, soft oxfords, loafers or derbies in suede or woven leather, you can wear them both with a business suit, and with parade.

  1. Topsiders and loafers

If you do not have a very strict dress code at work, or you like smart casual style in your daily life, these models will fit perfectly into the image. Moccasins are usually made of soft leather and decorated with decorative elements, such as buckles or tassels. They have a thin sole, so for a long walk loafers will not be the best option. On the other hand, topsiders have a grooved sole, and they have laces, so they are tight on your feet.

Both will fit perfectly into the summer urban wardrobe. The best combinations are moccasins or topsiders, chinos or casually twisted jeans and a linen jacket with a shirt. This can be either a more classic model of the jacket or a blazer. It is not customary to wear socks under such shoes, but now there is a wide range of short socks that will be completely invisible.

  1. Sneakers

So many men prefer to wear athletic shoes in the summer, and this is understandable: it is light, comfortable, suitable for any occasion and looks stylish with any pants and tops. Modern fashion does not limit you only to sports style and allows sneakers even with pants and jacket. Therefore, at events with informal dress code you can look smart, while not feeling uncomfortable, wearing sneakers or sneakers. In the hot season, preference should be given to products made of textile. You can also go on a trip in more durable sneakers, but it’s better if they have mesh inserts.

  1. Slipons

Such shoes are no less comfortable than sneakers and sneakers, because they also have a rubber sole. And although it has no laces, slip-ons are firmly held on the foot thanks to the elastic band. Slip-ons are made of all possible materials, so it is not difficult to find a suitable pair for summer holidays, for example made of sailcloth. They can be combined with sports clothes and with more casual. In summer in the city this pair of shoes will be indispensable.

  1. Sandals

Sandals are specially created for the real heat. This comfortable footwear is indispensable on vacation, but the model can be selected for any occasion. In a pair of textile on a rough sole and velcro you can bravely go hiking. In leather with neat buckles – for a walk in the city center. People with creative professions can afford to wear sandals even at work – with cotton or linen pants. Well, with shorts sandals are combined just perfect.

We think you don’t need to be reminded that socks in this case are completely unacceptable. If you find it difficult to wear shoes without them, give up sandals altogether, because there are many other comfortable options.

  1. Flip flops

This model is most suitable for a holiday at the beach or cottage, although it is acceptable for a daytime walk in the city. However, long walk in flip-flops or driving a car is not very comfortable. They sit on the foot too freely and can chafe, if they are made of tough material, especially on a wet foot. And flip-flops with a jumper between the toes are doubly impractical. If you want to buy them, try them on beforehand and make sure you’re really comfortable. Flip-flops can be rubber, leather, textile. The material is not important, it will not be hot for your feet in any case. Wear flip-flops at the resort with beach style clothing. And in the city – with neutral things made of light materials.

In summer, you want to wear a minimum of things, and that the entire outfit, from shoes to accessories, was light and did not constrain the movement. However, too “vacation” style in everyday life is better to avoid. Make sure that your shoes are always appropriate. But this does not mean that it should be unsightly. When, if not in summer, to experiment with different shades, materials, prints? So feel free to choose bright models and stylish combinations.