Men’s sweater: how to choose and with what to wear

Men’s closet is full of fashion names like pullover, cardigan, chinos, windbreaker. Surely there is also a men’s sweater in the arsenal: how to choose and with what to wear, further we will discuss. With this original piece you can make the image refined or sporty, fashionable or simple. There are different models of this clothing and each has a place for a young guy.

Men’s sweater: what it is and the main features

What is a men’s sweater and where did it come from in the fashion industry? It is a knitted or knitted thing with a round neckline in the area of the neck. It can be with a collar, buttons or a zipper. The literal translation of the word from English means “jumper.” The original function of the sweater was to “perform the role” of clothing for track and field athletes.

The clothing created in the 19th century was originally a sportswear, and only soon became a closet item for all occasions. Now jackets of this type have become popular not only with men, but also with children and women. Sew different models: with prints, drawings, clasps, with different fabrics and for all seasons.

Types of men’s sweaters

Every guy has his favorite models of sweaters, which he uses in everyday life. In the fashion world, in turn, there are several types of sweaters:

With a round collar. This model is more often found in clothing stores. The function of this product is to hide everything that can be under the bottom. Under it, you can hide a stretched sweater or clothes that you do not want to show off. Therefore, you should not dress up in a pressed shirt with a bowtie, as they most likely will not be visible.

With a high collar. Such a pullover will effectively stand out from the overall picture of the image and will emphasize the face of the owner. It will be perfectly combined with a jacket or pantsuit.

With a V-neck. Such sweaters usually show the clothes that are under the sweater as much as possible. You can try on a t-shirt, shirt, and a jacket on top of it. Or use such a pullover on the bare body.

Polo sweater. Model with a collar and placket, may have in the presence of buttons on the type of a polo shirt.

How to choose the right sweater for a man

Choosing a sweater for a guy, consider the fact that they can be for the cold season and for the summer time. Cotton products will be ideal for spring or fall. For winter, it is better to buy a sweater with the addition of wool. There are also options with an admixture of synthetic materials – viscose, acrylic, microfiber. Make sure that the percentage of such fabrics is not more than 50%.

When trying on pay attention to how the product sits on the body. It should not be short, but it should not hang down to your knees, either. All seams and stitching should be clean and properly sewn. No faults or unnecessary details.

Paying attention to color, then all shades of light will always be appreciated in fashion. For sports, walks can experiment with bright colors and geometry.

The style should choose only on the basis of your own body shape and build. Athletic men fit snug models. Guys with a full build of the body – the free things.

With what and how to wear a sweater

With what to wear a men’s sweater to look elegant, fashionable and feel comfortable? Like any outerwear, the sweater can be matched with pants, jeans, shorts, sports pants.

Office style suggests an image created with a monochrome classic pullover, preferably with fine wool and a pantsuit.

For a casual style pick up a shirt and a sweater in the same shade. The ends of the shirt are better hidden under the sweater, with the collar unbuttoned a little. The bottom of the shirt can be either tucked into the pants and thus look more neat, or leave them loose. For a smart casual style this would be perfect.

Try an option of a tight monochrome sweater, plaid shirt, dark jeans and boots. An informal look for hanging out with friends or a club party is ready.

Dark sweaters go well with light jeans. And thin products can be worn with shorts.

What is a men’s sweater and what to wear it with – this is to determine specifically to each person. The main thing is to maintain a balance in color and design. Then the harmony of the image will attract hundreds of views to your person.