Metrosexual: who is this, how to distinguish from an ordinary guy

The concept of “metrosexual” first appeared in fashionable glossy magazines at the end of the last century, but even today the meaning of this term causes an awkward smile for many. Some take the word as a compliment, and some respond as an insult. Let’s find out who is metrosexual and how he is different from an ordinary man.

What is metrosexual – good or bad In the American slang, the word “metrosexual” comes from a combination of two words: megapolis and gender. A metrosexual is a man who carefully looks after himself – figure, appearance, style in clothes. The main difference between such men and ordinary men is that improving themselves and their appearance is their goal in life. Synonyms – dandy, dandy, dandy. In many ways, men with this style of life are similar to women – they like to go to the stores, watch the condition of skin and hair, use expensive perfume and even use decorative cosmetics. It’s an interesting fact! Not every man who uses decorative cosmetics is called a metrosexual. The main goal is to create an ideal face, using expensive, cosmetic products, mostly colorless. The term “metrosexual” first appeared in the British edition in 1994. Journalist Mark Simpson invented this term for men with a strong aesthetic and stylistic taste.

There are other meanings of the concept of “metrosexual”: a man who is the opposite of macho, chooses everything elegant and beautiful, cares about appearance, follows fashion trends and visits beauty salons; a man – a resident of a metropolis, with excellent artistic taste and aesthetic perception, does not spare time and money to improve his body and appearance. More chances to meet a metrosexual in large cities, because there are more opportunities to maintain an ideal appearance, because this requires visiting beauty salons, stores, gym.

Undoubtedly, life with such a man brings certain inconveniences and discomfort: they do not want to create a family; the main object of his attention and care – he himself; with him will have to share a place in the bathroom and in front of the mirror. This is important! Quite often metrosexuals are mistaken for yuppies. However, there is a significant difference between them. Yuppies strive to take the lead in society, it is important for them to succeed in everything – career, personal life. Metrosexual is interested only in himself. It is quite normal for him to spend his entire salary on clothes and cosmetics. Many girls note that communication with such a man is pleasant, because he is not ashamed to visit public places and crowded events, he shares the hobbies of his girlfriend, with pleasure visits a stylist, masseuse, hairdresser. Girls on the note! If you want to find a metrosexual, pay attention to the nuances that distinguish him from ordinary men: choose a profession related to communication with people; closet consists of dozens of pairs of shoes and a huge closet; often visit cinemas and theaters. It’s an interesting fact! Psychologists distinguish metrosexuals into a new social layer, located between brutal macho and guys with unconventional orientation. According to statistics, over the past few years in Europe, sales of male cosmetics – shower gels, shampoos, lotions – have increased by 18%. The percentage of male visitors in beauty salons and gyms is also increasing.

The origins of the concept of “metrosexual” must be sought in the 19th century, when dandies appeared in society, and one of the classics said – you can be a decent man and think about the attractiveness of the nails.

Let’s learn to distinguish metrosexual

First of all, metrosexual is a guy of medium height with no bright signs of brutality. Strong, drugged guys and bikers are unlikely to agree that they are metrosexual. In communication such a guy is nice, carefree and friendly, he is not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

There are 10 signs by which a real metrosexual can be identified.

1. He likes shopping. Spend five hours on shopping? Easy! Moreover, he devotes any free minute to shopping, because beautiful clothes are an opportunity to emphasize your individuality and originality.

2. No standard clothes.

Metrosexual’s closet is huge, but there is not a single standard thing in it. In a man’s closet there are several dozens of pants, not less than shirts, jackets, jackets, suits. It is not surprising that the choice of a set for a walk or a meeting with friends can last for several hours. It should be noted that the metrosexual perfectly combines things and chooses them better than a stylist.

3. A lot, a lot of accessories. Watches, scarves, hats, gloves, bags, ties, cufflinks – to choose every detail a man approaches with special attention, thinking over possible combinations with clothes.

4. Perfectly understands the brands. The man can easily distinguish one brand from another, will distinguish the fake from the original. He keeps track of novelties and current fashion trends. Believe me, a modern dandy is a great stylist with great taste.

5. Ideal hairstyle and well-groomed vegetation on the face. The life philosophy of a metrosexual is that if nature has awarded him vegetation, he should be cared for. That’s why men go to the hairdresser, their hairstyles are always not only perfect, but also fashionable. If we talk about facial vegetation, among metrosexuals there are smoothly shaved men and beautiful, well-groomed beard and sideburns. Of course, we are not talking about a long beard to the waist.

6. Tightened, athletic body.

Gym – a place where you can meet a metrosexual with almost one hundred percent confidence, because it is vital that such a man’s body looks sporting and attractive.

7. Healthy way of life. This is one of the rules of life philosophy of metrosexual. It is important for him to eat well, eat healthy food. This is largely due to the care of the body and the unwillingness to put on weight.

8. Attention to one’s own home. Metrosexual is passionate not only about his appearance, but also about the place where he lives. His apartment or house becomes a work of art, all objects are selected aesthetically and arranged in feng shui.

9. A cultural hobby or hobby. Among metrosexuals many fans of theatrical art, painting. Do not be surprised if a man likes to grow exotic flowers or prepare original dishes. 10. Special life philosophy metrosexual.

Such men are maximalists in everything, it is vital for them to achieve success and excellence. That is why they are demanding of their appearance, behavior, hobbies. Metrosexuals also place equal demands on those around them. Knowing the difference, you can easily make a plan for yourself – how to become a metrosexual. Summary Men who carefully take care of their appearance have always existed – French nobles, dandies. As a result, warriors and revolutions have lost this trend. However, in the modern world, the desire to look well-groomed and stylish is gradually returning. Certain features of metrosexuals undoubtedly deserve attention, because a little gloss and sophistication will not hurt or even complement the image. Now you know who is a metrosexual and how to distinguish him from an ordinary man. If you want to imitate this philosophy of life, take a test: Are you a metrosexual? And be sure to share the material on social networks.