Micron: “Nvidia RTX 3090 will have 12GB GDDR6X”

Micron has confirmed Nvidia’s use of GDDR6X memory in RTX 3090 (3080 Ti) graphics cards. Information retrieved from a PDF file from Micron that Videocardz unearthed. It clearly states that the future generation of Nvidia graphics cards will use the previously unannounced GDDR6X memory standard with a bandwidth of 19-21 Gb / s.

According to the same document, the RTX 3090 will have 12 GB of such memory and a 384-bit bus. Memory speed and bus width are very important for high-resolution gaming. By comparison, the RTX 2080 Ti FE has 11GB of memory at its disposal with 14Gbps of bandwidth.

The announcement of the new flagship Nvidia should take place on September 1 at the event with Jensen Huang.