Microsoft added the ability to customize the Start menu and improved the taskbar in Windows 11

Microsoft has released build number 22509 of Windows 11 to Dev (Early Access) pre-release members. There aren’t many new features in this build, but there are plenty of changes and improvements, as well as fixes focused on making the operating system more stable. Windows 11 users who work with multiple monitors have probably noticed that the date and time are not displayed on the taskbars of additional monitors. In the new build of Windows 11 this has been fixed and the date and time can be seen in the taskbar of each of the additional monitors.

There have also been some changes to how system notifications work, which are shown to the user through the “Notification Center”. In addition, some settings from the Control Panel have been moved to “Settings”. Also of note is the ability to customize the “Start” menu. All you need to do now is right-click on the Start menu to access the item display settings. The “More Icons” or “More Recommendations” layout options are available to users to add an additional row of application icons or recommendations to the Start menu.

As for innovations, the most notable one is the improvements in web browsing with the Screen Narrator. Users will be able to type text faster in editable fields, and they will have more data available when navigating through pages using this tool. At the same time, the developers have made a lot of less visible improvements and fixes to make the software platform more stable and convenient. To read the full list of changes that have been made in the new build of Windows 11, you can visit the official blog of the developers.