Microsoft Defender – antivirus from Windows 10 released on Android

An application called Microsoft Defender has appeared in the Google Play store, and it is an antivirus from Windows 10, designed for smartphones and tablets based on the Android operating system. This antivirus software provides the best degree of protection for users’ information by preventing malware from entering the mobile device. It is important to note that this program is completely free, that is, you do not need to pay anything for it, and this, of course, is a huge very important advantage, which all users will be more than satisfied. However, although this program is completely free, but it contains one very important and significant drawback, which is the need to subscribe to Microsoft 365 E5.

Only if you have such a corporate subscription designed to access the office suite, you can use in any way these antivirus software designed for a very wide range of different electronic devices running on Android. The released program works on smartphones, tablets, laptops and other electronic devices, which are currently incredibly many for every taste and color.

If necessary, in addition to standard security features, through Microsoft Defender for Android, you can enable protection of Internet traffic from interception by passing it through a VPN. The functionality of this software, according to the developers, will be expanded, ie the application will add more and more different new features and capabilities. This software is localized in many languages, and you can download it without any hassle or difficulty from the Google Play store, where it is available for free download. The main thing is to understand and take into account that due to working in the background on a regular basis, any mobile device when using any antivirus with active rather than passive protection system, will discharge a little faster.