Microsoft has buried another operating system

Microsoft has stopped supporting another outdated operating system. This was reported by Softpedia with reference to the company’s materials. In a statement to customers, the company said it would stop supporting Windows Embedded Standard 7, released in 2009. According to Microsoft engineers, the last system update for the OS was released on October 13. “Because devices running this operating system will no longer receive any updates, we recommend that you upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as possible,” the statement said.

Reporters noticed that the buried OS is the latest in a series of Windows 7, which was supported until mid-autumn 2020. From October 13, the company will stop supplying security patches for free. Updates will only be released for corporate consumers registered in the Advanced Security Updates program. In this case, Windows Embedded Standard 7 will be supported until October 10, 2023. Softpedia says that Microsoft’s message actually recognizes that Windows 7 is a dangerous operating system. The company disclaims any responsibility for future hacking incidents and hacking attacks on OS users. According to journalists, Windows 7 remains the second most popular operating system from Microsoft, its share is more than 20 percent.